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Geographic Information Systems

Peru Resources

Peru Demographic Resources

CIA World Factbook - This is a summary of all public information that the United States intelligence has about Peru. Information included: geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.

World Bank - The World Bank deals specifically with poverty reduction and economic issues, however there is much economic data that assists in developing what Peru looks like socially. Information included: GDP, population, private and public sector strength, health and education.

United States Department of State - This is a summary of the United States’ public position on Peru as well as demographic, safety and geographic information for travellers.

Health of Nations - This is a website presented by General Electric that presents information specifically regarding health. Information included: hospital beds (per 1000), vaccines and physicians (per 10,000).

World Health Organization - This is data presented specifically by the UN’s World Health Organization, data that is used by the organization to develop aid plans and to devote money for aid.

UNICEF - Information offered: nutrition, health, education, demographics, rate of progress, equity, etc. This is data only and does not offer any explanation of data.

International Human Development Indicators - Data from the United Nations accumulated while trying to evaluate development throughout the world. The site offers general development information and specific health data.

BBC - Information on Peru offered by BBC. It’s probably not too academic or groundbreaking, but a good place to start.

USAID Peru - Information offered by USAID about current projects.

Peru INEI - All in Spanish, but contains potentially valuable information if translated.

Newseum - Offers access to the front page of any newspaper in the world.

Crime Tracking

Informacion Geografica

Mapping Resources

GIS Andes - A GIS project mapping the Andes mountains. Includes an interactive online map with data layers for geology, geophysics, hydrography, mineral resources, and more.

GeoMetaVerse - GIS/RS data on Cuzco, Peru.

Hydrography Map of Peru