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Geographic Information Systems

Pandion 5D

Here at GIS, our student interns undertake a wide variety of projects utilizing a plethora of skills. As the amount of 3D and virtual world building at GIS increased, a spinoff company was created to capitalize upon the students’ skills in 3D world building and clients’ desire for three-dimensional representation.

Pandion 5D was first pitched by Stewart Bruce in 2012 as part of Startup Maryland, an entrepreneurial competition to help identify and provide funding for innovative business ideas in Maryland. Stew’s idea was to expand upon the GIS Lab’s already vital workforce and create a spinoff company solely dedicated to 3D visualizations and virtual worlds. Watch Stew’s pitch below to hear more about the ideas that Pandion 5D was founded on.

Washington College and Pandion 5D create virtual worlds for use by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, the towns of Chestertown and Easton, and the historic Pluckemin Artillery Cantonment. Click here to learn more about these projects and more.

Check out Pandion 5D’s website or contact Stewart Bruce for more information.