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Geographic Information Systems

Maryland State Police

The Washington College GIS Program is working with the
Maryland State Police (MSP) to provide mapping and analysis
support for multiple projects including domestic violence entry
and mapping, pivot irrigation system mapping, and traffic
accident mapping for MSP Stat.

Washington College’s Crime Mapping and Analysis Program (CMAP) has been working with Maryland State Police to provide CompStat mapping for their Field Office Bureau and Barrack Stat meetings, as well as providing mapping and analysis on demand. For their CompStat meetings, reports focus on a detailed traffic analysis, citation analysis (ETIX), and crime analysis. Mapping and analysis on demand requests originate from Maryland State Police depending on specific focus areas. Examples of on demand requests involve mapping and analysis for pedestrian, impaired, aggressive, and fatal incidents.

Domestic Violence

The Washington College GIS program has been working with Maryland State Police (MSP) and the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) on a domestic violence  initiation for the State of Maryland. This initiative focuses on the mapping and analysis of domestic violence incidences at various geographic levels including zip codes, block groups, census tracts and police districts.

Domestic Violence

MSP Pivot Irrigation System Mapping

The team at Washington College completed an analysis of farm irrigation systems in Maryland at the request of the Maryland State Police (MSP), focusing on identifying systems more prone to theft due to various locational factors. Combining this information with data on where irrigation thefts have already occurred enabled the team to complete a risk analysis for all irrigation systems in Maryland.

Pivot Irrigation System Mapping

Traffic Accident Mapping for MSP Stat

The Washington College GIS Program has formed a partnership with the Maryland State Police (MSP), with the assistance of data provided by the State Highway Administration (SHA), to analyze traffic accidents statewide through density mapping and the creation of Infographics. 

Traffic Accident Mapping MSP Stat