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Geographic Information Systems

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

This project used ArcMap to create detailed maps that highlight various aspects of the War of 1812.

These aspects include demographics and commerce data taken from the 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1820 censuses of Virginia and Maryland to showcase the demographic and commercial changes that took place before, during, and after the war.  A 3D fly over of Talbot County shows the size and general layout of the towns of Easton and St. Michaels to reflect social, political, and commercial events taking place during the War of 1812 in relation to the battles, skirmishes, and raids taking place throughout the Chesapeake Bay. The finished products are displayed in a museum exhibit of the War of 1812 at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. The data collected through primary and secondary sources will be compiled to make a Google map which will be available on the Museum’s website for public use.