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Geographic Information Systems

Who We Are:

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program at Washington College was established in 2003 by Dr. John Seidel, Director of the Center for Environment and Society, and is currently led by GIS Program Director Erica McMaster.

Our mission is to provide Washington College students with experiential learning opportunities, providing a professional working experience to compliment their Liberal Arts education.  

What We Do:

We provide our students with work that expands their critical thinking and analytic skills by pushing them to network and respond to the demands our paying clients and partners.  

We support faculty in their research and provide core classes on geospatial technologies. 

Why It Matters:

The projects that are completed by the GIS Program at Washington College provide a framework that organizations can use to enhance their decision making capabilities.

Our partners and clients depend on us for timely and accurate analysis that they use to make better informed decisions that impact the health and safety of Maryland citizens.