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Geographic Information Systems

Economic Development

GIS is a computerized mapping system that stores, displays and analyzes any type of data that has a geographic location. Mapping can be used for a variety of purposes, including the promotion of economic development.

Lecture series, workshops, films and seminars provide new perspectives and professional development opportunities for the campus and the larger community. Competitively awarded student fellowships put students to work on real-world problems, allowing them to build a resume and establish connections in the professional world. These connections can lead to opportunities in the workforce that allow interns and graduates to become highly trained and sought-after employees.

In addition to job and internship opportunities, the GIS office operates a variety of projects that promote economic development. One of our more recent projects is the Eastern Shore Harvest Directory. This is a partnership with the Upper Shore Regional Council, the Washington College GIS Program, county economic development offices, and agriculture extension agencies. It is a directory of local farms and agribusinesses that sell directly to customers, promoting buying and servicing locally.