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Geographic Information Systems

Marissa Seidel

Class of 2016


Marissa Seidel is a Sophomore at Washington College.  She is a double major in History and Anthropology. Her favorite area of Anthropology is Archaeology. She has been through Washington College’s field school program, working on a pre-historic Native American site, and was also invited to dig with the PA state museum on their historic site Fort Hunter. Her particular interest in history is American History, especially colonization up through the Civil War. After Marissa graduates she hope to go on to graduate school to study Historical Archaeology. At WAC she is part of the Western Equestrian Riding Team. She is also a part of the Anthropology and Trap & Skeet clubs. Marissa plays the viola in orchestra and sing Soprano I in chorus. At GIS she is going through 3Ds Max software training. 

History and Anthropology