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Geographic Information Systems

Jessica O’Brien

Class of 2015


Jessica will be graduating from Washington College in 2015 with majors in Computer Science and Biology and minors in Information Systems and Chemistry.  She is hoping to apply to veterinary school after graduation, but not lose her love for computers and programming.  Jessica is the webmaster for Equestrian and Trap and Skeet.  She is also the V.P. for trap and skeet this year.  Jessica has been working on the Unity Virtual Worlds projects - all of which are 3D first person video games that let you explore the facility at your own pace. The first one she worked on was ECI - Eastern Correctional Institute.  She and her team are building a 3D Model of the Eastern Correctional Institution in Autodesk 3DS Max, then importing the model into Unity to create a virtual version of the prison.  She has also worked on the Online Virtual Tour for the GIS Lab. The big project now is the Sandbox project and Campus project. For the Sandbox project, we are going to be creating a virtual campus available to builders so if a new building is proposed for campus, we can demo it first in 3D to let the developers walk around campus and get a feel for how the new building will fit in the scheme of things. For the campus project, we are currently modeling all dorm buildings in Unity to allow prospective students to get a “first-hand” feel of the dorm room (or current students who have not yet been in that building). We also hope to make a virtual world of Historic Chestertown sometime in the future.

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