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Chester River

Field Research Station

A Bird in Hand

Date: October 05, 2012
When students band migratory birds at the College’s research station at Chino Farms, they are helping ecologists better understand the benefits of restoring native grasslands.

Washington College students team up with ecologists and colleagues from other institutions to study the effect of grasslands restoration on migratory bird populations. The opportunity is made possible through a partnership with the Center for Environment & Society and Chester River Field Research Station at Chino Farms..

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My wife and I visited Chestertown last October briefly and were very impressed with the town. As a Central New Jersey Sierra Club member I am very glad to see there is an ongoing project to protect habitat for migrating birds. Lose of habitat as I'm sure you know is an international problem for wildlife. Bravo for your efforts! Is there a Sierra Club Chapter near Chestertown? Best of luck in the future.