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Center for

Environment & Society

CES Internship Opportunities

Through competitive internships and job opportunities, the Center provides graduate level and real world, hands on, experiences to students.

To apply for any of the positions listed below please visit JobX to complete your application! Positions that are not listed on JobX indicates that there are no current openings. 


Check JobX periodically for updated openings from CES. We will also send campus wide emails when a new job is open.


  • CRFRS Summer Grassland Bird Study

    Center  for Environment & Society

    CRFRS Summer Grassland Bird Study  


    Location: River and Field Campus at Chino Farms

    Duration: May -July  (start and end dates are flexible)

    Application deadline: Friday, March 8, at 4:30 pm, please apply through JobX


    The Center for Environment & Society (CES) at Washington College invites applications for three competitively-awarded positions for summer 2019. Two positions will be funded by CES, the third will be a Toll Fellow with Dr. Carr. Each internship comes with a salary of $10.10 an hour and requires approximately 35 hours of work per week over a 10 week period.  Shared on-site housing will be arranged.  The field house is about a 10-minute drive from campus.  Owning a vehicle is not necessary, but is preferred.


    Grassland Bird Behavioral Study –

    The Chester River Field Research Station (CRFRS), located on Chino Farms (RAFC), just across the river in Queen Anne’s County is hiring up to three interns for our summer research project on grassland birds.  The team will contribute to a multi-year study on breeding biology of Field Sparrows, a common bird in decline.  You will start the day before sunrise and stalk birds through the fields, identifying individuals by their colored leg bands, take GPS points of bird locations and search for their nests (harder than it sounds).  After the field work is done, there will be some office work such as data entry.  You’ll work side-by-side with CRFRS Field Ecologist Maren Gimpel and all the data you collect is for peer-reviewed scientific publications. 


    Skills preferred: Coursework in birds and/or ecology and/or environmental studies; bird identification, using binoculars and spotting scopes, reading color bands and recording bird behavior; data collection, data entry. Ability to work outdoors in all kinds of weather, starting work before sunrise, attention to detail and patience are a must. This project is ideal for students with an interest in habitat restoration, conservation and field biology.


    For more information on these projects, please see our website:




    Maren Gimpel (mgimpel2@washcoll.edu)


    Please apply through JobX. 


    For your application you will need to include the following:

    -     names of one or two WC faculty references (actual letters not needed)

    -     your year of study, major, and GPA

    -     your dates of availability

    -     A word document that states: why you are interested in this internship, how might this internship dovetail with your future career goals, and why you should be selected (see project description above)

    -     resume 


  • Research Vessel Deckhand

    Do you have boating experience? 


    As you may know, Washington College has two research vessels, which give students, faculty, and staff access to high-quality research instruments for studying the Chester River and the Chesapeake Bay. 

    The Center for Environment & Society is looking for students willing and capable of lending a hand and learning how to assist on our research vessels; 46’ RV Callinectes and 27’ RV Lookdown.


    Students who apply must be willing to join the USCG drug testing protocol. 


    Tasks may include deckhand, assisting with deployment of otter trawls for fish sampling, water quality devices, buoys, and seafloor mapping technologies.


    Must be willing to learn boat handling skills, deck handling responsibilities, and direct sampling technologies that include bottom and water sampling. Computer skills are a bonus and would be used to learn how to use seafloor mapping technologies. Students in possession of USCG Masters License or with extensive boating experience are encouraged to apply.


    To Apply:

    Please apply at JobX

    Starting rate is $10 per hour. The number of hours per week vary based on the number of tours or cruises going out on the vessels each week.

  • Bird Banding Internships


    Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory

    Chino Farms, MD 


    Spring Semester: March – Early May 


    Job Description:

    Students will participate in the longitudinal migratory bird banding operation at Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory (FBBO), located at Chino Farms on the Queen Anne’s County side of the Chester River.  Duties include recording data, mist-netting, and handling birds. Interns will work outside, sometimes in inclement weather. Each intern will earn $10.10 per hour and can work up to 10 hours per week (depending on scheduling) for an 8 week period. Interns will learn valuable field skills in ecology and gain real world experience with field biology. Hours will be determined at a mutually agreeable time, but applicants should note that the banding station operates mornings only from 6:00 am until 12:00 pm. Please see the Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory web page for more information.


    Supervisors:  Maren Gimpel and Jim Gruber 


    • Applicants should be available starting at dawn and MUST HAVE a 3-4 hour block of time
    • Applicants MUST have their own transportation
    • Willingness to learn
    • Strong interest in wildlife and field work

    To apply:

    Please apply on JobX



  • Campus Garden Internship

    Location: Campus Garden

    Time Frame: Will begin at the start of every fall semester and continue through the spring semester, not including winter break or campus/national holidays.

    Stipend: $1500 for the academic year

    Supervisors: Shane Brill and Jamie Frees

    Commitment: 5 paid hours/week, plus seasonal volunteer activities.

    Purpose: The Garden Coordinator leads the daily operation and maintenance of the campus garden in promotion of environmental stewardship and service learning.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    - Beautify the garden space and facilitate its use as an outdoor classroom.
    - Coordinate volunteer efforts to support the garden.
    - Cultivate partnerships with Dining Services and Buildings and Grounds.
    - Develop and implement a plan for the long-term vitality of the garden.
    - Partner with community groups (local schools, Master Gardener programs).
    - Update the Campus Garden website.
    - Write grants to establish new programming.
    - Support the campus apiary and composting program.


    The intern must be:

    - a full-time Washington College student.
    - driven by a strong environmental ethic.
    - enthusiastic for building community.
    - committed to grow food without the use of synthetic chemicals.
    - self-motivated and require minimal supervision.
    - a determined advocate for sustainability and food justice. 

    Helpful Experience

    - Prior gardening/farming experience.
    - Familiarity with CSAs, small family farms, forest gardens, and permaculture.
    - Understanding of soil health and ecological principles of horticulture.
    - Ability to articulate the distinction between organic and industrial agriculture.

    Potential for Academic Internship Credit

    The campus garden internship might be tailored for academic credit. The intern would develop a course of study with a sponsoring faculty member in a related discipline. 


    Please submit your application on JobX (if you do not see the job listed it means there is currently no opening)

    • a cover letter
    • resume
    • and one faculty reference


    For more information, please call 410-810-7162 or email jfrees2@washcoll.edu.

  • Energy Consumption Analyst


    CES (210 S. Cross Street)

    Duration: 10+ weeks


    Job Description:

    The ShorePower Project at the Center for Environment and Society is looking for three student Energy Consumption Analysts to join the Student Energy Analysis Lab (SEAL). The SEAL works to advance the ShorePower Project’s mission of helping rural Maryland towns limit carbon emissions, become climate resilient, increase energy efficiently, and save tax payer dollars. The SEAL gives students the ability to work on active municipal energy problems and identify meaningful solutions.


    Specifically, the SEAL constructs energy usage baselines and calculates carbon footprints from municipal energy usage data. This involves data entry for baseline construction (65% of working time), constructing reports of findings for public consumption (15%), assisting towns in applying for energy efficiency and clean energy grant programs (10%), collecting utility usage and cost data for our partner towns (5%), and calculation of carbon footprints (5%).


    The students working in the SEAL report directly to the ShorePower Project Coordinator, Grant Samms. The ShorePower project is in turn overseen by the Center for Environment and Society’s Associate Director of Programs and Staff, Michael Hardesty. The director of the Center for Environment and Society is John Seidel.


    Job Requirements:

    Work in the SEAL above all requires strong attention to detail, time management skills, and self-discipline. The ability to keep utility records and data entry sheets organized is mandatory. Background knowledge of municipal operations, energy generation and use, climate change, and environmental issues associated with energy consumption are desired, but not required. Access to a personal computer for data entry is a plus.


    Rate of Pay: $12/hour


    To Apply:

    Please apply at JobX 


    Number of Openings: