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Archaeology Lab

Located on the ground floor of 210 S. Cross Street #101, the Public Archaeology Lab provides space for students and community volunteers to research historic materials and process artifacts recovered from the Eastern Shore region. Interpretive displays and collections are placed throughout the laboratory. The College maintains a growing database of the region’s historical resources in its GIS Lab, which supports analysis of spatial data for archaeology and environmental studies.

Summer Field School 

The Summer Field School in Archaeology takes students into the field and onto the water, giving them first-hand experience in a fully-equipped laboratory and all phases of project research. Recent projects include archaeological surveys of farmland along the Sassafras River, excavations at Andelot Farms, Mt. Harmon Plantation, Poplar Grove and the Charles Sumner Post Grand Army of the Republic Lodge, and the development of an archaeological predictive model for Kent, Queen Anne’s, Caroline, Talbot and Cecil Counties.

For information on the Summer Field School or tours of the Public Archaeology Lab, contact Elizabeth Seidel, director, at 410-810-7164. Seidel notes: “It’s not what we find; it’s what we find out” that deepens our understanding of environmental history and the past, present and future relationships between people and their surroundings.


Class Visits and Project Archaeology

Interested in bringing archaeology into your classroom? Why not schedule a field trip to the Public Archaeology Lab? Another option is to have an archaeologist visit your class.

Interested in an interdisciplinary curriculum that uses archaeology to teach Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and History?

Project Archaeology Logo

Project Archaeology is aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards to help engage students in subjects that prepare them for college and career readiness as early as 3rd grade. Project Archaeology also offers Professional Development opportunities, to learn more contact Jamie Frees at 410-810-7162 or jfrees2@washcoll.edu. Click here to read the 2017 Annual Report for Project Archaeology.