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Center for

Environment & Society

Our vision is a Chesapeake Bay and watershed that is healthy and thriving; one in which natural systems and human communities are in balance. Our interdisciplinary academic programs promote the integration of environmental issues, social values, and good old river mud.

Lecture series, workshops, films and seminars provide new perspectives and professional development opportunities for the campus and the larger community. Competitively awarded student fellowships put students to work on real-world problems, allowing them to build a resume and establish connections in the professional world.

The River and Field Campus

The River and Field Campus at Washington College is the home to the Chester River Field Research Station, which is the focal point for much of the field research for the College’s faculty and students. In a class by itself, the River and Field Campus at Washington College is the largest conservation easement in the state of Maryland – and there’s no place like it in the world. The 4,700-acre living lab incorporates 2.5 miles of Chester River waterfront, meadows, untouched hardwood forests, ponds, grasslands, marshes and riverine habitat. Just a 10-minute drive from the Washington College main campus, the River and Field Campus offers students an unparalleled living classroom in subjects ranging from biology and chemistry to environmental art and anthropology.

The Center is home to the Chester River Watershed ObservatoryGeographic Information Systems (GIS)Chester River Field Research Station and the Public Archaeology Laboratory. We also host the Chesapeake Semester and the Energy programs.