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A Dual-Degree (3:4) Program


Martin Connaughton, Program Advisor


For students with a strong interest in a liberal arts education and a career in pharmacy, Washington College and the University of Maryland offer the 3:4 Pharmacy Program. Through this program, students may earn a bachelor of science degree from Washington College and a doctor of pharmacy degree (Pharm. D.) from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. A Pharm. D. is the current standard for today’s pharmacists. This dual degree program requires a minimum of seven years of study: The first three years are spent at Washington College, completing the Washington College general education requirements and the prerequisites for entrance into the School of Pharmacy. After the third year at Washington College, four years of additional study are required at the School of Pharmacy.


Consideration of the prerequisite courses for entrance into the School of Pharmacy leads to the recommendation that students major in biology. Students in this program will receive their B.S. degree from Washington College after successful completion of the first year of courses in the Pharm. D. program. To be eligible for graduation from Washington College, grades from the School of Pharmacy must be submitted to the Washington College registrar by the appropriate deadline. Because the academic calendar at the University of Maryland generally runs behind that of Washington College, students in the 3:4 program might not be able to participate in graduation exercises after their first year in the Pharm. D. program.


Prerequisites To Enter The School Of Pharmacy

Natural Sciences

Biology (w/lab) 5 semesters: BIO 111, 112, 203, 301, 424

Chemistry (w/lab) 4 semesters: CHE 111, 112, 201, 202

Physics (w/lab) 2 semesters: PHY 111, 112

Mathematics 2 semesters: MAT 109, 201

Humanities and Social Sciences

English Composition 1 semester

Other humanities and social sciences 4-6 semesters

ECN 112. Microeconomics


Additional requirements of the 3:4 pharmacy program for completion of the bs at Washington College

Required of All Students:

Completion of 96 credit hours before leaving Washington College

Completion of all distribution courses before leaving Washington College

Completion of the required GRW seminar courses


Required for the Major in Biology:

BIO 203. Microbiology

BIO 301. Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

BIO 424. Comparative Animal Physiology

Any additional upper-level biology course.

A Senior Capstone Experience is not required unless a student wishes to be eligible to graduate with departmental honors.


Advising and Application

The numerous requirements of this program make it imperative that interested students and their advisors lay out an appropriate schedule of courses as soon as possible! Prospective students should contact the 3:4 Pharmacy Advisor during the freshman orientation period and take required courses beginning with the first semester at Washington College. Each semester, students should consult with both their regular advisors and the 3:4 Pharmacy Advisor to make sure that they are meeting all requirements of the program.


Students can obtain an internship at a local pharmacy to get experience before applying to the School of Pharmacy.


Admission to the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is a separate process, and it is highly competitive. Washington College students are not guaranteed positions in the School of Pharmacy. Students participating in the 3:4 Pharmacy Program should submit applications to the School of Pharmacy by February 1 of the third year at Washington College. Applicants must have an overall GPA of 2.5; the average GPA for entering students has been 3.5 in recent years. Applicants must also submit results of the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), which should be taken in October prior to application to the School of Pharmacy. An admissions interview and writing assessment are required as well.