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A Dual-Degree Program


Rosemary Ford, Program Advisor


Students may earn a bachelor’s degree from Washington College and a bachelor of science degree with a major in nursing from the University of Maryland School of Nursing or the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences. This dual degree program requires five years of study. The first three years are spent at Washington College fulfilling the general education requirements, requirements for a major, and the prerequisites for entrance into the school of nursing. For students applying through the articulation agreements, the schools prefer that the prerequisites courses are taken at Washington College. Because of the shortened period of time at Washington College and the prerequisites in biology, students will usually major in biology or psychology, although another major is possible with departmental approval. At the University of Maryland students enter the “Traditional Baccalaureate Program,“ which takes two years, and students opting for Delaware enter the “Accelerated Degree Nursing Program,“ which is completed in 17 months.


Admission to a School of Nursing requires an application and successful completion of their requirements.  Students should contact the Program Advisor to learn about the requirements for applying to these schools through the articulation agreements. Successful students admitted through the articulation agreements have a B+ average in their science courses. Students also have the option of applying through the School of Nursing’s regular admission process. Applicants are reviewed on an individual basis and admission is not guaranteed.


These nursing programs recommend that students participate in a nursing internship program. Students may speak with the 3:2 Nursing Advisor for information about internship opportunities.


Students successfully completing the first year of the nursing program will have satisfied the requirements for a bachelor’s degree from Washington College. To be eligible for graduation from Washington College, students must see that the Registrar at Washington College receives their transcripts from the University of Delaware or University of Maryland by the appropriate graduation deadline. In their first year at the nursing school students must plan to carry sufficient credits to satisfy the graduate requirement of Washington College.


Students should refer to the Web site for each School of Nursing and contact personnel at the nursing school to learn more about each school.


Some students elect to complete the bachelor’s degree at Washington College before applying to nursing school. These students could enter either an accelerated BS or MS-entry nursing program.


Prerequisites for the University of Maryland

BIO 111, 112. General Biology (w/lab) 8 credits

BIO 301, 424. Anatomy and Physiology (w/lab) 8 credits

BIO 203. Microbiology (w/lab) 4 credits

CHE 111. General Chemistry (w/lab) 4 credits

Nutrition 3 credits*

MAT 109 or PSY 209. Statistics 3 credits

Mathematics 3 credits (any college math course but not a computer science course)

ENG 101.  English Composition and a second English course 6 credits

PSY 111. Introductory Psychology 3 credits

PSY 202. Life-span Development 3 credits 

SOC 101.  Introductory Sociology 3 credits

Social Sciences Electives 3 credits

Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, or another course in Psychology or Sociology,

Humanities Electives 9 credits

Other courses taken from at least two different departments — English, Philosophy, Art, Music, Theatre, Dance, Religion, or Foreign Languages

Open Electives 7 credits

*Nutrition must be taken elsewhere.


Prerequisites for the University of Delaware

BIO 111, 112. General Biology (w/lab) 8 credits

BIO 301, 424. Anatomy and Physiology (w/lab) 8 credits

BIO 203. Microbiology (w/lab) 4 credits

Pathophysiology* 3 credits NURS 212 (Delaware)

Nutrition* 3 credits  NTDT 200 (Delaware)

CHE 111, 112.  General Chemistry (w/lab) 8 credits

CHE 201, 202. Organic Chemistry (w/lab) 8 credits

MAT 109 or PSY 209. Statistics 3 credits

Critical Reading, Writing, and Literature (Two literature courses) 6 credits

ENG 101. Literature and Composition 3 credits

A course in English literature 3 credits

PSY 111. General Psychology 3 credits

PSY 202. Life-Span Development 3 credits 

SOC 101. Introductory Sociology 3 credits

Social Sciences Electives 3 credits (or another course in the Social Sciences)

Art 200. Introduction to History of Western Art 3 credits (Humanities Elective)

Open Electives 6 credits

*These courses will be taken in the first semester at UD.


Requirements for a major in biology or psychology from washington college in the 3:2 nursing program

Completion of 96 credit hours before leaving Washington College

Completion of all general education requirements prior to leaving Washington College


For A Major in Biology:

BIO 111, 112. General Biology

BIO 203. Microbiology

BIO 301. Comparative Anatomy

BIO 424. Comparative Physiology

Two additional upper level biology courses (BIO 305, Genetics, is recommended)

CHE 111, 112. General Chemistry

CHE 201. Organic Chemistry

MAT 201. Differential Calculus


For A Major in Psychology:

PSY 111, 112. General Psychology

Two-semester methods sequence in statistics (BUS 215, ECN 215, MAT 109 or PSY 209), followed by PSY 309 Research Design

Three additional psychology electives, one of which must be a lab course. The three electives must be chosen so that one comes from each of the following areas:

            General Experimental (PSY 202 required for nursing)

            Biological (PSY 210, 305, 313, 317, 410)

            Applied/Clinical (PSY 233, 234, 304, 320, 333, 403, 433, or Human Neuropsychology).



The strict requirements of this program make it imperative that interested students start planning their schedules of courses early in the first year at Washington College. It is strongly recommend that students contact the 3:2 Nursing Advisor soon after arrival on campus and that they attend information sessions on the 3:2 Nursing Program. Students should continue to meet with the Nursing Advisor on a semester basis.