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NOTE: This page contains information from the 2012-2013 Catalog. It remains available for archival purposes only. For the most current WC Catalog content, please visit http://catalog.washcoll.edu and download this year’s edition.
Division of Social Sciences

Anthropology is the study of human nature, human culture, and the human past. It encompasses several subdisciplines, including sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and biological anthropology. The concept of culture illuminates the human condition in powerful ways. Anthropology helps students understand human biocultural diversity and the importance of culture for framing how groups understand the world. Anthropology graduates find employment opportunities in the public and private sector, in government agencies, NGOs, corporations, museums, and in academia. Businesses are increasingly hiring anthropologists as “cultural brokers.” Recent graduates have continued postgraduate work in anthropology and have found careers in health departments, tourism, grant writing, socio-political analysis, education, and museum work. We often have assistantships available to students interested in geographic information systems, cultural resource management in archaeology and historic preservation, and we offer a summer field school in archaeology in addition to summer programs in the Southwest and Denmark.

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers majors and minors in both sociology and anthropology. For complete information about the program in anthropology, please see Sociology and Anthropology.