Career Development

Finding your future after college doesn’t have to be daunting. It’s a process that should unfold over 4 years. The staff at the Center for Career Development (Rebecca Corbin Loree Center) are here to help you the moment you walk on campus. Our easy-to-join programs are accessible & one-on-one counseling will help you chart your own journey and shape a future tailored to your own skills, goals, and PASSIONS.


Stories & News

  • Ellie Field ’14 on a nighttime taxonomy collecting trip.

    As a PhD student in entomology, Ellie Field ’14 is focusing on mosquitos that are responsible for vector-borne illnesses like dengue fever, chikungunya, and the Zika and West Nile viruses.

  • Olivia Butler ’21 is spending the summer studying the migration of black mangroves in northern Florida.

    During her 10-week REU—Research Experiences for Undergraduates, funded by the National Science Foundation—Olivia Butler ’21 studied how climate change is affecting a delicate balance in the northern Florida salt marsh ecosystem.

  • (L to R) Holly Schaffer ’21, Assistant Professor of Education Sara Clarke-Vivier, Colin Levi ’21, and Kayla Mehrte...

    When a WC alumnus learned about a faculty member’s project at a museum in Belize, he jumped in to fund three students’ travel there this summer as part of a global field experience in education.

  • Cordie Goodrich ’15 (left) readies an autonomous underwater glider at BIOS with Ruth Curry, the lead scientist in th...

    From Antarctica to Belize to Bermuda, three recent alumnae are finding careers in the cutting-edge science of using drones and remote sensing to study coastal and marine environments.

  • Caitlin Donovan ’19
    Sociology major Caitlin Donovan ’19 is headed to Duke University School of Law.
  • Wilmington Networking Event