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Campus Life


At Washington College, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do. Don’t see what you’re looking for? It’s easy to start your own club.

  • imageMen’s Club Rugby

    Men’s Club Rugby is open to all males of any skill. Members required to attend weekly practices.

    Pres: Donald Moran
    Advisor: Jonnie Jenkins

  • imageMen’s Club Soccer

    Men’s Club Soccer is open to anyone interested in soccer regardless of skill level.

    Pres: Alphius Searcy
    Advisor: Jonnie Jenkins

  • imageMen’s Club Volleyball

    Men’s Club Volleyball is open to all males of any skill. Members attend weekly practices.

    Pres: Jeff Birkenmaier
    Advisor: Jonnie Jenkins

  • imageMusic Collegium

    The Music Collegium brings together students who share a common interest in various concert forms.

    Pres: Richard Grouser III
    Advisor: Ken Schweitzer

  • imageMusicians’ Union

    The Musicians’ Union enhances campus social life through the musical avenue of the arts.

    Pres: Chase Camera
    Advisor: George Spilich

  • imageOmicron Delta Kappa

    Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society, recognizes superior leadership and exemplary character.

    Pres: Eshan Patel
    Advisor: Andrew Helms


  • imagePanhellenic Council

    The Panhellenic Council is composed of sisters from each of the three sororities on campus.

    Pres: Sarah Coyle
    Advisor: Heather Morris

  • imagePhi Alpha Theta

    Phi Alpha Theta, the local chapter of the national history honor society, sponsors presentations and lectures.

    Pres: Ellen Dalina
    Advisor: Ken Miller

  • imagePhi Delta Theta

    Phi Delta Theta is a fraternity that cultivates friendship among its members and a high standard of morality.

    Pres: Andrew Sauthoff
    Advisor: Darnell Parker

  • imagePhilosophy Club

    The Philosophy Club is open to students in all areas of study. Regular events include guest speakers, panel discussions, and films.

    Advisor: Kevin Brien

  • imagePhotography Club

    The Photography Club brings photographers and people who new to the art together to foster and promote photography at WC.

    Pres: Kim-Vi Sweetman
    Advisor: Brian Palmer

  • imagePi Delta Phi

    Pi Delta Phi is the National French Honor Society

    Advisor: Katherine Maynard

  • imagePi Lambda Theta

    Pi Lambda Theta is a national honor society recognizing high standards in the study of education.

    Pres: Emily Hall
    Advisor: Bridget Bunten

  • imagePortuguese

    Study the Portuguese language and culture.

    President: Rachel Brown
    Advisor: TBD

  • imagePsi Chi

    Psi Chi is the local chapter of the National Psychology Honor Society.

    Pres: Hannah Weiss
    Advisor: Kevin McKillop

  • imagePsychology Club

    The Psychology Club gathers to discuss topics in the field of psychology and volunteer in the community.

    Pres: Katie Despeaux
    Advisor: Lauren Littlefield

  • imageRelay for Life

    Relay for Life raises funds for the American Cancer Society. [Go to site]

    Pres: Emily Evans
    Advisor: Mindy Reynolds

  • imageRunning Club

    The Running Club brings together students to go running.

    Pres: Max Li
    Advisor: Jonnie Jenkins

  • imageSafe Ride

    Safe Ride helps stranded students return to campus.

    Pres: Dominic DiMarino
    Advisor: Thad Moore

  • imageService Council

    The Service Council organizes events that promote involvement in service opportunities. [Go to site]

    Pres: Sarah DiPasquale
    Advisor: Beth Anne Langrell

  • imageSho’Troupe Dance Team

    Let’s dance.

    President: Francesca DiPaula
    Advisor: TBD

  • imageSigma Beta Delta

    Sigma Beta Delta is the premier international honor society in business.

    Pres: Carly Ogren
    Advisor: Terry Scout

  • imageSigma Delta Pi

    Sigma Delta Pi is the national Hispanic honorary society.

    Pres: Chris Miller
    Advisor: Elena Deanda

  • imageSigma Tau Delta

    The International English Honors Society.

    President: Samantha Gross
    Advisor: TBD

  • imageSpanish Club

    The Spanish Club promotes the culture and language of both Spain and Latin America.

    Pres: Rachel Brown
    Advisor: Elena Deanda

  • imageStudent Athlete Mentors

    Student Athlete Mentors create a safer and more positive environment that reduces social hazards for student athletes.

    Pres: Lauren White
    Advisor: Rachel Boyle

  • imageStudent Environmental Alliance

    The Student Environmental Alliance (SEA) promotes the ecological vitality of the campus and region. [Go to site]

    Co-pres: Sarah Giordano / Allison Speight
    Advisor: Shane Brill

  • imageThe Scarlet Thread

    You know my methods, Watson.

    President: Megan Marie Homme

  • imageTheta Chi

    Theta Chi is a fraternity that develops brothers that are ready to be tomorrow’s leaders.

    Pres: Tommaso Prezioso
    Advisor: Darnell Parker

  • imageTrap and Skeet

    The Trap and Skeet club creates and nurtures a safe environment for shooters of all levels. [Go to site]

    Pres: Tyler Brice
    Advisor: Don Munson

  • imageWACapella

    WACappella is Washington College’s first and only coed a cappella group.

    Pres: Nicholas Staub
    Advisor: TBD

  • imageWakeboarding and Waterskiing

    The Wakeboard Club skis on the Chester River and welcomes new skiers to the sport.

    Pres: Harrison Demas
    Advisor: Gene Hamilton

  • imageWC Peer Wellness Educators

    Peer Education Group works with students the same age on drawing out understanding of subjects.

    Pres: Dana Panczenko
    Advisor: TBD

  • imageWIGS

    WIGS is an interactive gaming society.

    Pres: Julia Smith
    Advisor: Shaun Ramsey

  • imageWilderness Adventure Club

    The Wilderness Adventure Club gathers students to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors and wildlife.

    Pres: Abby Gordon
    Advisor: Jonnie Jenkins

  • imageWomen’s Club Lacrosse

    The Women’s Club Lacrosse Team plays competitive lacrosse at a non-varsity level.

    Pres: Taylor Andrews
    Advisor: Jonnie Jenkins

  • imageWomen’s Club Volleyball

    The Shorewomen Club Volleyball Team is open to all female students regardless of experience.

    Pres: Ali Lord
    Advisor: Carl Crowe

  • imageWomen’s Rugby

    The Women’s Rugby Club provides the opportunity to participate in organized rugby exclusively for women.

    Advisor: Jonnie Jenkins

  • imageWriters’ Theater

    The Writers’ Theatre performs original plays that emphasize the connection between writing and theatre.

    Pres: Tye Van Horn
    Advisor: TBD

  • imageWriters’ Union

    The Writers’ Union promotes camaraderie among writers at Washington College.

    Pres: Valerie Dunn
    Advisor: Jehanne Dubrow

  • imageZeta Tau Alpha

    Zeta Tau Alpha strives to intensify friendship, foster the spirit of love, to make a difference in the lives of its members.

    Pres: Sarah Lambertson
    Advisor: Heather Morris

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