Student Government Association


Each year, Washington College students devotes a day to the beautification of Chestertown. In the Fall of 2018, the Service and Community Relations committee of the SGA worked with Heron Point of Chestertown.

For this year’s Fall iServe, and being the 4th Annual iServe event, the Secretary of Service and Community Relations wanted to change up what the project would be.

This project had a great turn out of 61 students of all school years and different organizations, including fraternity and sorority life, service organizations, SGA and SEB members, and many others. Students were split between 11 groups, with one being assigned to each Cul de Sac on their campus. The main objective of the iServe event was to clean the road area and center garden, however, many groups did much more. Students had the joy of helping out specific houses gardens as many residents came out of their houses and asked for help. Some of those projects include shearing shrubs, weeding gardens, help move boxes, and even had one case of cutting someone’s grass.