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Student Government Association

Club Printing


Printing Guidelines

  • Each organization will be allotted maximum 40 color prints per event, and maximum 60 prints for events that are open to the community and require advertisement in Chestertown.
  • Additionally, each organization will have a total of 80 extra prints per semester
    • You may use this to print meeting agendas, forms, or any other material.
    • You may choose to use your extra prints toward more flyers but that is up to the discretion of your organization.
  • The SGA will keep track of your printing history, so if you have any questions in regard to how many prints you have remaining please feel free to reach out!
  • You must follow the proper printing procedure to receive your prints.
  • Please be sure to plan ahead because we ask that you email at least 1 week ahead of the date you will need the prints by. Of course, things come up so if you fall after the 1-week deadline please reach out and if we are able to accommodate we will absolutely do so!
  • If you are the president of multiple organizations you will not be able to transfer remaining prints between organizations.

Printing Procedure

  1. Design your flyer! Please be sure to proof read your flyers before sending them in because they will be printed as is and if there are any errors it will be up to that organization to print corrected flyers.
    1. Make sure you have all your necessary information (if applicable):
      1. Time
      2. Date
      3. Location
      4. Contact information
  2. Once you have completed your flyer or other materials, we ask that a member of the executive board of your organization email Tegan McBride at, with the following information. Feel free to CC the person who is planning the event in your organization so they can be kept in the loop.
    1. Subject the email “SGA Printing Request”
    2. Attach the flyer or materials as a PDF
      1. This is mandatory to ensure the flyer will come out the way you have intended because a Microsoft Word document can often change when switched between computers.
      2. If the materials received are in a different format you will be asked to resend as a PDF.
    3. Please include your organizations name, name of the event, how many prints you would like, and the date you will need them by (please be mindful of the 1-week notice).

3. Once the prints have been completed, you will receive an          email that they are ready and where to pick them up. Prints        may be completed before the date requested by so please        keep an eye out for a completion email!