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Student Government Association

The SGA is your voice on campus! We represent students and provide a variety of services to the community.

Getting involved is easy — just drop us a line at SGA@washcoll.edu, stop by our office in Hodson Hall, like us on Facebook, send us a Tweet, follow us on Instagram!


The Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of student leaders empowering the campus community. The SGA serves as a functioning College office with significant budgetary resources, over 90 student clubs and student organizations, as well as the oversight of awesome programs like Casey Time, Bike Share, and the Safe Ride. We work collaboratively with other campus offices and student groups to ensure student interests are represented at every level of College decision making processes.  

Thank you to the 144 student volunteers who joined us at the 2nd annual I Serve Trail Cleanup event on November 13th.  We were so proud to have a great community service event, and it was all because of your help!

For the 2016-2017 academic school year, the SGA has put together a platform voted upon by the Senate and passed on November 1st 2016 with 10 issues the student body have deemed as priorities for the remainder of the term.  We are proud to be working on these issues and gladly welcome any questions our constituents may have regarding these or other issues.  Please stop by the SGA office, talk to your senator, or stop by a Senate meeting to voice any concerns you may have!

You can find the platform HERE