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Club Funding

Wondering how requisition and reimbursement of club funding works? Look no further.


All forms can be picked up upon entering the SGA/SEB office in Hodson Hall. Please note that all forms MUST be dropped off in the SGA office. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE should forms go directly to the Business Office. Club advisors are encouraged to fill out reimbursement forms (also known as requisition forms) and travel expense forms and forward them to the SGA Financial Controller. This helps to include advisors in and speeds up the process for all parties involved.

Reimbursement (White Forms)

  • Must have all receipts attached
  • Must include student ID number

Travel Expenses (Purple Forms)

  • Must include map printout of distance traveled
  • Must include student ID number
  • SGA reimburses for mileage at $.51 per mile