Honor Code

Honor Code

We strive to maintain an environment in which learning and growth flourish through individuals’ endeavors and honest intellectual exchanges both in and out of the classroom. To maintain such an environment, each member of the community pledges to respect the ideas, well being, and property of others.

The Honor Code calls for honest academic achievement and the highest standard of social conduct among every member of the Washington College community.

Students sign the Honor Code during their first week at Washington College, and then make the pilgrimage to George Washington’s Mount Vernon to reaffirm their commitment to lives of honesty and integrity.

Rules of civility.

When you sign the Honor Code, you make a commitment to the healthy and respectful exchanges of ideas and acknowledge that living in a community requires tolerance, compromise, and sensitivity to others. Civility is one of our core values. Students are expected to treat others with respect, dignity, and understanding; to establish appropriate personal boundaries; and to fit individual freedoms into the broader context of responsibility to the student community and to the values of the College.

The Classroom Honor Code Pledge

Faculty members are encouraged to have students attach the following pledge (or an abbreviation suggested by the instructor) to any credit-bearing work: 

I pledge my word of honor that I have abided by the Washington College Honor Code while completing this assignment.