Signature Centers

Center for EnvironmentCES develops programs, opportunities, and resources to promote community learning and environmental resilience.

Eastern Shore Food LabESFL promotes nourishing food in support of human and environmental health from breadmaking to wildcrafting.

River and Field Campus RAFC dedicates 4,700 acres to grasslands restoration, bird banding, labs, wild food research, and a plans for a student farm.

Student Organizations

Campus Garden Students explore permaculture practices to achieve food security through ecological design.

Composting Team Students promote organics recycling and community education at the campus garden.

Food Recovery Network Students serve Dining Hall leftovers at a weekly community dinner to families in need.

Student Env. Alliance The Student Environmental Alliance promotes ecological health in our global community.

Campus Infrastructure

Electric Car Charging Electric vehicle charging opportunities for faculty, staff and students.

Electric Submeters 23 submeters on campus monitor building energy usage information to economize use.

Geothermal Fields Four geothermal fields heat and cool 12 campus buildings, reducing energy use by 50-70%. 

Semans-Griswold Hall This regenerative “living building” is home to waterfront academics and our flagship CES team.

Stormwater Mitigation Infrastructure to capture stormwater developed in partnership with ShoreRivers.

Water Bottle Stations The “back to tap” campaign offers water stations at convenient campus locations.

Policies and Programs

Bee Campus USA A commitment to creating habitat for pollinators, as well as a beekeeping program.

Bike Share Students check out loaner bikes for easy commute on campus and around town.

Carbon Trading CES examines institutional carbon metrics and trading opportunities at the River and Field Campus.

Project Drawdown Research and action spanning economics, social justice, and the global environment.

Recycling Cardboard, paper, plastic, Styrofoam, cans, bottles, metal, and glass avoid the landfill.

Renewable Energy CertsWe purchase electricity from renewable facilities to reduce our carbon footprint.

Solar Purchasing About 75% of the College’s energy comes from an agreement to support solar energy arrays.

Solid Waste Management Campus policies are in place with contractors to reduce landfill waste and save money.

Tree Campus USA A commitment to sustain healthy community forests, starting with our campus arboretum.

Ucapture Tech AppGet the browser plugin that uses online shopping to generate carbon offsets.