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Harford Hall

Harford is a three-floor coed, 7 person suite style building housing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students.

Harford is comprised of 7 person suites with 4 suites per floor. Each suite common room has a couch, full refrigerator, and microwave. Suites can be gender designated or gender inclusive per the residents' decision.

Hall Information

Harford has 7 person suites with 2 doubles and 3 singles bedrooms, a common room, and 2 bathrooms per suite.
Harford is fully accessible with an elevator.
Each suite has 2 bathrooms.
Tile floors are in the hallways, bedrooms, and lounge areas.
There are in room units controlled by a central system.
Internet is wireless.
There are laundry machines on the first floor and cost is included in the room rate. No id or coins are needed to operate laundry machines.
There are public lounges on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Single: 9 x 10
Double: 11 x 15
Common Room: 13 x 14

Single: $8,700
Double: $7,638

There are 40 singles and 24 doubles in Harford Hall.
  • Harford Hall Exterior
  • Harford Hall First Floor plan
  • Harford Hall Second Floor plan
  • Harford Hall Third Floor plan