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Please No Outside Solicitations

Step 1: Confirm venue availability by calling x7888.
Step 2: Once you have secured an event location, submit the form below.
Step 3: Complete Additional Requests as needed.

Completion of this form does not reserve campus event space.

If you need to secure a location for your event, please call x7888. Completion of this form does not secure a reservation for event space.
Please complete this section only if you have already secured a location.
Please follow up with Wendy Clarke ( in College Relations & Marketing.
Please follow up with Shannon Wyble ( in the Washington College Bookstore
Please describe any equipment you may need for your event (projector, microphone, tables, chairs, etc.)
Please share already created LiveWhale events with the group WC: Calendar for inclusion on the main calendar.
Please complete this section if you would like us to create a LiveWhale event. Send high resolution images for the Calendar event to