Student Event Planning and Reservations

Welcome! Below are two links to help you get your event up and running on campus! Please keep in mind the events must be submitted two weeks in advance. If you would like to look at dates in advance, check out the Calendar on the Washington College website.

Events on Campus:

All student run events held on campus must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement. Please use this form to submit your events. Once your form has been submitted and approved, you will receive an email confirming your event.

Additional forms may needed such as Lighting and Sound Request, Contracts, Table Rental Forms, or Catering Orders.

Classroom Reservations:

Students who would like to reserve a classroom may do so using following the link below. You will receive a confirmation email after the form has been submitted and then an additional email confirming the space you have been scheduled to use.

Please also remember the following when you are using a space:

* Students who are using a space on campus must put the room back together the way they found it.

* Please clean up any trash.

* Classrooms can be used for study sessions, meetings, or events.