Exam Care Packages

The Washington College Women’s League will send an exam care package of tasty treats to seniors during finals.

The Exam Care Package costs $25 to purchase by sending the form with a check to the address supplied. For information, please email 
Susan McRae.

The Women’s League of Washington College sponsors projects to benefit the College and community. Through this program, parents, friends and alumni can give their favorite students a box full of treats to help them through the stress of exams. Several lucky students will receive an extra bonus—$100 gift certificates to the College Bookstore.

To order an Exam Care Package, print and complete the Exam Care Package Form for your student.

It is also possible to elect to give an Exam Care Package to a student who would not ordinarily receive one. Just indicate on the form above that a student of our choosing will receive an Exam Care Package from you. This can be in addition to your own child’s package.