236th Commencement Exercises

Washington College’s 236th Commencement exercises will take place on Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. 

Graduation Applications

Graduation applications are available online here and are due by October 16th, 2018. Please make sure that you submit this form in a timely manner so that you and your family receive information about Commencement weekend.

Commencement at Washington College

Commencement is a time for much College pride. We want this day to be as memorable for you as it is for the College and all those involved. We ask that graduates wear appropriate attire (shirt, tie, and long pants for men, dress or blouse and pants for women) and hard-soled shoes with their gowns on Sunday. Smoking and drinking are not permitted at Commencement as lighted tobacco products and popping champagne corks can cause serious injury to guests and graduates. Do not bring your pets; only service animals are allowed.

Ceremony Seating and Ticket Information

Only in the event of inclement weather will tickets be needed to attend the ceremony. Tickets are only needed for Commencement in the event of inclement weather when the event has been moved indoors. Six tickets will be distributed to each graduate for their guests during Commencement Rehearsal on Friday afternoon. No tickets will be needed if the event occurs on the Campus Lawn.

There is no reserved seating at Commencement. If you expect to need assistance, please plan to arrive early to secure adequate seating. Please visit our “ADA Access for Commencement” page for additional information.

Further Information

For further information please read through the General Information and Schedule pages or contact the Campus Events Office:
Phone: (410) 778-7888

The Registrar’s Office will provide a checklist that will help guide students through their responsibilities leading up to Commencement day. Students can also find information on general graduation requirements and policies on the Registrar’s Office Graduation Requirements page.

Most of all, we hope you will find that the Commencement Weekend activities create a wonderful environment in which to celebrate and enjoy this achievement with your graduate – congratulations!

Revised: June 15, 2018