Commencement Ceremony Diagrams

Coming soon, we’ll have and diagrams to help answer some questions about Commencement.

Most of the questions we field about Commencement are in regard to tickets or the set up of the event! Our hope is that this page will soon answer many of your questions.


Only in the event of inclement weather will tickets be needed to attend the ceremony. Tickets are only needed for Commencement in the event of inclement weather when the event has been moved indoors. Six tickets will be distributed to each graduate for their guests during Commencement Rehearsal on Friday afternoon. No tickets will be needed if the event occurs on the Campus Lawn.

In the event of inside ceremony, Decker Theatre, Gibson Center for the Arts will be an alternate viewing location with a simulcast of the event. No tickets are needed, but seats are first come, first served. 

There is no reserved seating at Commencement. If you expect to need assistance, please plan to arrive early to secure adequate seating. Please visit our ADA Access for Commencement page for additional information.

Outside Ceremony Diagram

A diagram of the set up for an outside ceremony is coming soon.

Outside Ceremony Diagram

A diagram of the set up for an inside ceremony is coming soon.