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Hands-On Learning

Hands-On Learning

An education at Washington College affords students unmatched opportunities to work closely with an exceptional faculty on unique projects. These experiences help students explore their interests beyond the traditional classroom environment. These immersive experiences range from Shakespeare to robots—there’s something for everyone!

The Unhurried Moment

The most powerful part of a liberal arts education is found in a single, unfettered conversation between a teacher and a student. At Washington College, we often speak of “unhurried conversations” and how important they are to the distinctive character of our campus and the education we offer. Learn more at #UNHURRIED.

Hands-On Learning In Action

Washington College students thrive in specialized classrooms and outdoor spaces that facilitate hands-on learning.


Our Hands-On Learning Experiences

  • Andy Chirico wants to make the most of his time at WC. With a 2018 graduation date steadily closing in, he has, since starting WC in the fall of 2014, pushed himself to experience as much as possible during his four years.
  • English and psychology major Emily Stecker ’17 works with Assistant Professor of Psychology Chris Beasley to develop research to support transgender and cisgender individuals in Oxford Houses.
  • Dr. Kathryn Moncrief’s Shakespeare course brings together students from different disciplines for a creative immersion in literature, performance, and multimedia.
  • Math and computer science major Alex Roberts ’17 works with Associate Professor of Computer Science Shaun Ramsey to develop an artificial intelligence capable of outperforming humans at a game.
  • Environmental Studies major Erika Koontz ’17 and Natural Lands Project Coordinator Dan Small study quail habitat to help farmers implement wetland buffers that improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Washington College science students work on independent research projects with faculty mentors during the summer.