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George’s Brigade

George’s Brigade

Through a donation based scholarship program, George’s Brigade seeks to work with high-performing, high-need, first-generation students whose families would otherwise not have the resources to pay for a private liberal arts education.

Brigade members will have their full needs met, including room and board. This will allow them the opportunity to receive an excellent education and strong start to their careers without large amounts of student debt. In addition to meeting full financial need, George’s Brigade will allow students to apply to Washington College and be admitted in groups from the same community or school so that they have companions to share their transition to college life.

In the News

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  • 09/28/16 Bloomberg News

    Bloomberg News reporter Shahien Nasiripour follows up on his profile of Sheila Bair with this closer look at the inception and hopeful goals of one of her signature college affordability programs, George’s Brigade.

  • 08/11/16 Politico

    College President Sheila Bair is interviewed by Politico’s higher education team on topics including Dam the Debt, George’s Brigade, college affordability and whether colleges and universities should start sharing some of the risk on student loans.

  • 7/29/16 The Chronicle of Higher Education

    College President Sheila Bair is interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Ruth Hammond for the Chronicle’s video series “On Leadership” about student loan debt, the parallels to the subprime mortgage crisis, and Washington College’s own efforts to lower college costs and make college more affordable.