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Meet A Current Student

Reconnect with your Alma Mater and help guide a young professional by meeting a current student through the Washington College Voyagers Program. 

Our Voyagers are students that travel to meet with you, at a time and in a place that fits your schedule. Meet for coffee and reminisce about your time at WC, compare notes on the student experience, and hear about the events that have campus buzzing. Or invite a Voyager to your office to share your path beyond graduation and offer advice on how to make use of this unique education. There’s no better opportunity for you to engage with Washington College while helping prepare students to lead their own lives of purpose and passion.  

Read President Reiss’ letter to alumni, introducing the program. 

Sign me up. 

In the Program’s inaugural year, our Voyagers will visit roughly 200 alumni over the summer and during semester breaks. Complete the form below to request a visit with a Voyager near you.

Don’t see a student nearby? Don’t worry. We’re always looking to hire Voyagers. Ask to be visited and we’ll take your request into consideration during the next student application process. 

Please include city, state and zip code.