Look Who's Coming

See who RSVP’d for an upcoming event! The names listed below were collected from the WC online forms, not from Facebook events. So if you don’t see your name below, make sure to use the form linked at the right!

  • Last Updated

    May 2, 2016

    Updates do not include RSVPs on Facebook

  • Truly Revolutionary New Hampshire Event

    Carolyn Choate-Turnbull ’80 P’15
    Ryder Daniels ’90
    Tom Fulweiler ’69
    Bartolo Governanti M’98
    Marie Morganelli M’04
    Helen Murphy ’11
    Owen Murphy
    Ken Pfitzenmayer ’82
    Marjorie Porter
    Sherry Sims
    Winston Sims ’62
    Ann Sims
    Gary Sparks ’83
    Charlie Stark ’13
    Bruce Stefany
    Gordon Turnbull P’15
    MacKenzie Turnbull ’15