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In the Nation’s Service

Washington College Honor Roll

Veterans of Foreign and Domestic Wars


With your help, we can bring the Washington College Veterans Project to fruition and more fully recognize the service and sacrifice of our war veterans through the years. Please contact Nina Burton Fleegle ’06, Associate Director of Alumni (410-810-7139), to share information about veterans missing from this list or to correct any misinformation shown here. (Learn about the Washington College Veterans Association.)


War of 1812

  • Barroll, James 1784 - Cornet, or 4th officer, the First Baltimore Hussars, which formed a part of the Fifth Regiment of the Maryland Cavalry Militia. He participated in the Battle of North Point, on September 12, 1814.


  • Nicholson, Joseph Hopper 1787 - Captain Joseph Hopper Nicholson, class of 1787, organized the Baltimore Fencibles, a US militia volunteer artillery company, during the War of 1812.  
  • He was presented at the Britich bombardment on Fort McHenry, September 13 & 14, 1814.  His unit was manning the guns inside the fort.  He was a lawyer and commissioned to lay out the town of Centreville, Maryland, Queen Anne’s County in 1794.  He was a member of the House of Delegates from Queen Anne’s County, 1796-98, Speaker pro tem, 1797, member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1799-1806 (resigned to accept appointment to Court of Appeals), Chief justice, 6th Judicial District, 1806-17, Judge, Maryland Court of Appeals, 1806-17 and President, Commercial & Farmers Bank, Baltimore, 1810-1812.
  • Veazey, Thomas Ward 1795 - During the War of 1812, Thomas Ward Veazey resigned his seat as the Cecil County representative to the Maryland House of Delegates to take part in the conflict. He was in command of 80 men who defended Fredericktown on the Sassafras River when that place was destroyed by Admiral Cockburn’s forces. During the war he attained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. 
  • Barroll, James Edmondson Class of 1805, Kent Militia
  • Chambers, Ezekiel 1805

Civil War (1861 - 1865)

  • Parker, Dr. John Thomas 1856, Surgeon

Vickers, Benjamin C., 1850-1861

Was at the battle of Shiloh, and seemed to have a presentiment that he would fall in that battle, for in his pocket was found a paper with his name and company written upon it, as also a request that if he fell in battle his father should be informed of it. He was sounded by a minie ball in the thigh near the joint, which broke the bone on the sixth of April.

  • Edwards, Julian T 1860

WWI (1914 - 1918)

  • Allen, Wendall Dewitt ’13, Army Infantry
  • Bacchus, James Lambert ’12, Army Hospital Unit
  • Baden, Joseph Roy ’11, Army Infantry
  • Baldwin, William Lester ’13, Aviation Corp
  • Barroll, Lewin Wethered, Coast Artillery
  • Biddle, George Roy ’02, Army Infantry
  • Biddle, Troy Franklin ’15, Army Infantry
  • Bossard, Stanley Revell ’19, Aviation Corp
  • Bowen, Edward Farrel ’16, Aviation Corp
  • Bowen, Wilmer Bishop ’17, Army Infantry
  • Branham, Beverly Thurston ’17, Marine Corp
  • Breeding, Earle Griffith ’09, Army Hospital Unit
  • Brown, Hiram S. ’00, Army Infantry
  • Brown, Merritt ’16, Army Infantry
  • Brown, William Floyd ’18 Marine Corp
  • Buckley, Joseph F. ’12, Quarter Master Corp
  • Cain, Edward ’18, Marine Corp
  • Cain, James Mallahan ’10, Army Infantry
  • Caldwell, Henry T. ’20, Army Infantry
  • Caldwell, Thomas Joseph ’20, Marine Corp
  • Campbell, William Sterner ’18, Army Infantry
  • Chiswell, Maurice H. ’19, Army Infantry
  • Clauson, William R. ’17, Army Infantry
  • Collins, Stephen Roberts ’15, Signal Corp
  • Comegys, John Myers ’14, Army
  • Coppage, Hiram S. ’18, Army
  • Coppage, John Hepburn ’15, Army Infantry
  • Corddry, Newell Montgomery ’13, Army
  • Corddry, Thomas Imlay ’17, Marine
  • Corddry, William Howard ’08, Engineer
  • Cordy, Newell Stanley ’17, Marine
  • Crew, Roland H. ’11, Engineer
  • Cross, William Urie ’10, Army Infantry
  • Crouch, Norman Simmons ’12, Aviation Corp
  • Crowther, George Rodney ’18, Quarter Master Corp
  • Davis, Herbert Fulton ’16, Army Infantry
  • Davis, James Willard ’15, Naval Reserves
  • Davis, John Eisel ’19, Engineer
  • Denny, Nicholas Leonard ’16, Army
  • Dixon, Thomas ’09, Signal Corp
  • Doub, Guy Luther ’14, Army Infantry
  • Dunkracco, C. Merrill ’11, Quarter Masters Corp
  • Dykes, James Walter ’17, Naval Reserves
  • Eliason, Eldridge L. ’97, Army Hospital Unit
  • Eliason, Hiram ’11, Army Hospital Unit
  • Enwright, Jack P. ’19, Army Infantry
  • Errickson, Ambrose Parr ’21, Army
  • Fisher, Robert Earl ’92, Army
  • Ford, Frederick Wright ’17, Army
  • Ford, Jefferson Lee ’15, Army Infantry
  • Frampton, Raymond V. ’17, Army Infantry
  • Galloway, John Stuart ’17, Marine
  • Garrett, Thomas Mitchell ’14, Army Infantry
  • Gibbons, Charles Luther ’17, Army
  • Gill, Franklin ’16, Army Infantry
  • Gill, Robert Francis ’07, Army Infantry
  • Graves, Edmond Spedden ’15, Army Infantry
  • Hall, Daniel Hersey ’14, Army Infantry
  • Harris, Allan Beck ’16, Aviation Corp
  • Harris, James Ewell ’14, Aviation Corp
  • Harris, Linwood ’19, Naval Reserves
  • Harrison, William Hastwell ’17, Marine
  • Hessey, John Hamilton ’10, Aviation Corp
  • Hicks, Elwood Leon ’14, Engineer
  • Hines, Charles G. ’04, Army Infantry
  • Hines, E. Massey ’16, Army Infantry
  • Hines, Frank B. ’99, Army Hospital Unit
  • Hollingsworth, Henry T. ’18, Army Infantry
  • Hooper, Solon Eaton ’16, Naval Reserves
  • Jarman, Frank ’16, Signal Corp
  • Jones, Leon Hanford ’12, Naval Reserves
  • Joyce, Hugh Wingate ’19, Aviation Corp
  • Knotts, John Paul ’10, Army Infantry
  • Kratzer, Henry Augustine ’17, Aviation Corp
  • Landing, Marion Hawk ’13, Army Infantry
  • Larmore, Lloyd Lennox ’16, Engineer
  • Leary, Albert Leonard ’23, Army Infantry
  • Madden, James Loomis ’11, Aviation Corp
  • Mann, Walter Gorman ’16, Army Infantry
  • McGinnes, Edgar Allan ’18, U.S.N.R
  • Meekins, Gilbert Edison ’13, Army
  • Monkhouse, Samuel Joseph ’22, Army
  • Moore, Walter Francis ’14, Aviation Corp
  • Morton, Newton ’13, Aviation Corp
  • Pardew, Andrew Wendell ’13, Navy
  • Parsons, James Bayard ’17, Army Infantry
  • Porter, Frederick Stanley ’12, Army Infantry
  • Rainey, Arthur Purse ’20, Army
  • Robbins, Edward Allen ’21, Marine
  • Robinson, Russell Charles ’20, Navy
  • Ross, William H. ’16, Army Infantry
  • Russel jr., William Frazier ’12, Army
  • Russel, Lawrence Bates ’15, Army
  • Ryan, Calvin Taylor ’11, Signal Corp
  • Sasscer III, Henry Harrison ’11, Army Infantry
  • Schelberg, Charles Lewis ’18, Engineer
  • Selby, William Wesley ’15, Army Infantry
  • Seward, Clarence Lee ’18, Marine
  • Shockley, Elisha Vansat ’19, Army Infantry
  • Sparks, Samuel Irving ’18, Signal Corp
  • Spedden, Ormond Virgil ’09, Army Infantry
  • Stam, Colin F. ’16, Navy
  • Stam, Donald Furgeson ’07, Ambulance Corp
  • Stavely, Archer Bayard ’16, Marine
  • Stokes, Bernard Scott ’14, Army Infantry
  • Strong, Ernest H. ’17, Army Infantry
  • Taylor, Levin Paul ’18, Marine
  • Titter, George H. ’18, Army
  • Todd, Gillis Reese ’20, Navy
  • Toulson, William Houston ’09, Army
  • Townshed, Rolph ’20, Quarter Master Corp
  • Vansat, William Galen ’11, Army
  • Walker, Jesse J. ’21, Navy
  • Wallace, Frederick Renshaw ’17, Army Infantry
  • Wallace, William Jennings ’18, Marine
  • Walton, Charles W. ’19, Army Infantry
  • Westcott, Charles T. ’93, Naval Reserves
  • White, Allen Howard ’15, Pay Corp.
  • White, George Alfred ’08, Army Infantry
  • Wilkinson, Paul Judson ’13, Army Infantry
  • Wilmer, Philip G. ’16, Army Infantry
  • Wilson, Henry ’08, Naval Reserves
  • Withgott, W. Earl ’08, Quarter Master Corp
  • Woodland, Alexander Roy ’16, Naval Reserves
  • Young, Thomas Hugh ’17, Aviation Corp

WWII (1939 – 1945)


This memorial hangs in William Smith Hall.This memorial hangs in William Smith Hall.

  • Abramson, Marcus ’46
  • Adamson, Robert Lyles ’37, Naval Reserves
  • Adkins, Steven ’43
  • Alteri, Michael ’43, Navy, Lt.
  • Anderson, Alfred Oscar ’39
  • Anderson, Orven Raymond Jr. ’40, Army Reserve
  • Andrews, Alfred Carleton, Army, Major
  • Andrews, Thomas Birdsal Jr. ’43
  • Anthony, Edwin Rumsey Jr. ’39, Naval Reserve
  • Anthony, James Elmer Jr. ’44, Army Reserve
  • Anthony, James Townsend Jr.
  • Anthony, James Turner III ’34, Naval Reserve
  • Appleford, B. Lyle Jr. ’29, Naval Reserve
  • Applegarth, Harold Gregory ’44, Naval Reserve
  • Applegraph, Harold ’44, Navy
  • Athey, Edward L. ’47
  • Atwater, William P. ’34
  • Aycock, James Melchor ’43, Army
  • Baker, Francis Hessner
  • Baker, Russell Ainslie ’35, Army Reserve
  • Baldwin, Allen Robert ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Baldwin, Hugh H., Army Reserve
  • Baldwin, William Stewart ’45, Marine Corps
  • Barcus, James Walsch ’35, Army Reserve
  • Barnett, William M., Army, Sgt.

Barnes, Johne E. ’45, Navy

Served in the Pacific on a support personnel ship as the second officer and then as captain. Upon discharge from active duty as a lieutenant junior grade, he continued to serve in the Naval Reserve until 1955.

  • Barnes, Wilbur Payne ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Barnhart, Frank Kennard ’35, Naval Reserve
  • Bartolini, David ’42, Army, 1st Sgt.
  • Bartram, George David ’46, Marine Corps
  • Bean, Robert Elliott ’36, Army Reserve
  • Beck, S. Scott Jr. ’35, Naval Reserve
  • Beckham, Benjamin Collins Jr. ’38
  • Beecher, Harold Joseph Jr. ’43, Marine Corps
  • Benjamin, John Edward ’42, Naval Reserve
  • Benjamin, William C. ’42, Army Reserve
  • Benjamin, William Herman ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Benham,  Charles Capell ’38

Belch, James G. ’60 P’91

Served with distinction and honor during the occupational transition of WWII in Manheim, Germany.

  • Benham, Charles Capell ’38
  • Bennett, William, Army Reserve
  • Bergdall, Henry Oliver ’48, Army Reserve
  • Berry, Charles Richard ’36, Naval Reserve
  • Berry, Harry Dalton Jr. ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Berry, Roger Stanley ’45

Besson, Edwin H. T. ’50, Army

Surgical Technician assigned to the hospital corp in Normandy.

  • Bexley, Nellie Katherine ’41, Naval Reserve
  • Bill, Howard B.
  • Blackwood, Mary Douglas ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Blackwood, Sara Douglas ’42, Naval Reserve
  • Blades, Jehu Levin ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Bland, Albert John ’39, Army Reserve
  • Blawie, Paul L. ’46, Army, 1st Lt.
  • Blevens, John Pershing ’39
  • Blevins, D. Carlyle ’42
  • Blevins, Winston Churchill ’36, Naval Reserve
  • Blizzard, Louis Georgie ’50, Chief Petty Officer, Navy
  • Blyman, Harvey Gardner Jr. ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Bogdan, Matthew Williams ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Bohrer, Isador ’35
  • Bollock, Roland E.
  • Bonnett, Norton ’40, Q.M., 1st Lt.
  • Bordley, Madison Brown Jr. ’38, Naval Reserve
  • Bordley, Thomas Kemp ’38
  • Bose, Edmund ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Bosse, Herman Louis ’44, Army Reserve
  • Bowen, Charles Vernon, MD. ’38
  • Bowlby, Elizabeth Eacret, PhM ’44, Navy
  • Boyer, Edwin Risdon Jr. ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Bozman, W. Clifford ’30, Naval Reserve,  FC 2-c.
  • Brady, W. Clifford ’30, Naval Reserve
  • Brady, Frank Joseph ’41, Army Reserve
  • Bradley, Charles N. ’32
  • Brandenburg, Larry ’50, Naval Patrol Bomber Aviation Radio Operator, Seaman 1st Class
  • Brandt, Walter Clarke ’43, Army
  • Brandford, Walter Avery ’32, Army Reserve
  • Brant, Vincent ’35, Naval Reserve

Braunstein, Irving D. ’44 Army Reserve

Killed in action, November 21, 1944. Rank: PFC, Medical Corps. Awarded Silver Star for gallantry in action. Buried in a U.S. Cemetery in Belgium.

  • Bremer, Joseph George ’41
  • Brenizer, Robert C. ’43, Army Reserve
  • Brice, George Elmer ’33
  • Brice, Lawrence S. ’42, Marine Corps
  • Bringman, William James ’40
  • Brittingham, Walter Dix ’42
  • Brockson, Clifford Allen ’45, Army Reserve
  • Brotemarkle, William Albert Jr. ’41, Army Reserve
  • Brougham, Allen R.’35
  • Brown, Alonzo Elliott ’37, Army Air Force
  • Brown, Hampton Emory Jr. ’42 Army Reserve

Brown, J. Robert ’49

24th Calvary Reconnaissance Squadron, 2nd Lieutenant. Commanded a platoon of 5 tanks stationed in Austria as part of the occupation forces.

  • Brown, Madison ’43, Coast Guard
  • Brown, Mary Berry ’39 Naval Reserve
  • Bruehl, Paul Egbert ’37, Army Reserve
  • Brutz, Clark E. ’43, Marine Corps
  • Buchanan, Ralph H. ’26, Army Air Forces, S/Sgt.
  • Buck., Edward R. Jr. ’40, Naval Reserve, Lt. Commander
  • Buffington, Lawrence ’39, Army Air Forces, 1st Lt.
  • Bullock, Roland E. ’33, Army, Purple Heart and Presidential Unit Citation.
  • Burkhardt, William Emory ’35
  • Burns, Jack Walton ’39
  • Burrows, Terrence M. Jr., ’45 Army Reserve, 2nd Lt.
  • Bush, James Orville ’41
  • Cain, Maurice ’40
  • Caldwell, Henry T. Sr. ’30, Army, Lt.
  • Caldwell, Henry Thomas Jr. ’42, Naval Reserve
  • Callahan, Leslie Griffith Jr. ’44, Army, Colonel, Signal Corp.
  • Cameron, Anne Fraser ’39, Sub Lt.
  • Campbell, Don ’50, Army
  • Capel, Earl Bland ’34, Naval Reserve
  • Carey, Dr. Asher B. Jr. ’41, Air Force, Major
  • Carey, Omar J. ’34
  • Carman, Harry Edward ’39
  • Carman, Marie Louise ’40
  • Carney, Blanchard Donald
  • Carney, C. Carroll ’38
  • Carney, John Calvin Jr. ’43
  • Carrico, John Gary, Jr., Army, Okinawa (Also served in Korean War)
  • Carrington, George Francis ’29
  • Carroll, Dr. Irvin Norwood ’34
  • Case, Clifford Stephens ’46
  • Case, George
  • Casteel, Carroll Wesley ’36, Army Air Forces, Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Chaffey, Charles G. ’36
  • Chaires (Strickland), Grace Lillian ’29, Naval Reserve
  • Chairs, William Francis. ’42, Navy, Capt. Specialty Jet Fighter Carrier Based
  • Chambere, Richard P. ’35
  • Chapin, Robert Foster ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Chapman, James Wilkinson ’27
  • Chapman, William Walter Jr. ’26, Navy
  • Cheli, David Rudoepho ’46, Army, T/5, Bronze Star
  • Cherrix, William Thomas Jr. ’40
  • Chittum, Charles Thomas ’43, Army Air Forces, 2nd Lt. Pilot
  • Cipriano, John Louis ’40
  • Claggett, Ellwood Taylor ’38, Army Air Forces, Capt. DFC
  • Clark, Basil Crawford ’42
  • Clark, Charles Branch ’34, Marine Corps
  • Clark, Charles Melvin ’33, Naval Reserve

Clarke, David ’41, Navy

Served in the U.S. Navy Pacific theater aboard the battleship USS North Carolina, then later in submarine service.

  • Clark, Walter Galen
  • Clark, Walter Whaland ’46, Marine Corps
  • Clarke, DeWilt Foreman ’33 Navy
  • Clements, Frances Alice ’30
  • Clifford, Robert J. ’36, Army
  • Cohen, Leonard A. ’45 Army
  • Coleman, Alvin E. Jr. ’39, Navy Reserve, Lt Commander. Member of Navy League and Military Order of the World Wars
  • Coleman, Harry Cook Jr. ’38
  • Coleman, Henry E. Jr., Army
  • Coleman, J.K. Gladden ’45, Army Air Corps
  • Coleman, James William, Navy
  • Collins, John L. ’40, Naval Reserve, Aviation Cadet
  • Collins, William J. ’40
  • Collins, William S. ’25
  • Comly, Levin Samuel ’30
  • Conant, Daniel Gilbert Jr. ’44
  • Cook, Lindley E. ’32, Naval Reserve
  • Cook, Raymond Jervis Rev. ’41, Air Force Reserve, Lt. Col.
  • Cookley, Lambert Eugene ’46
  • Cookerly, Ernest S. ’49
  • Cooper, Harold Ralston Jr. ’46, Navy, Chief Radar Man
  • Copeland, Thomas Josephus III ’45
  • Copper, John Calvin ’27
  • Copple, John Addis ’40
  • Crawford, Andrew Woodall ’43
  • Cornelius, Alberta S. ’16 Army Air Force
  • Corddry, George Henderson Jr. ’32
  • Corddry, Joseph Allender ’47
  • Corey, Roland Reece Jr. ’47
  • Corley, Ralph A. Jr. ’40
  • Corley, Robert Norman Jr. ’42, Marine Corps
  • Corrington, Paul ’47
  • Coss, Charles W.
  • Coubrourn, Uriah Oscar Jr. ’32, Naval Reserve
  • Covington, Royston T. Jr. ’43, Air Force
  • Crane, Robert Kellogg ’42
  • Crawford, Andrew Woodall ’43, Army
  • Crawford, Henry VanBibber ’40
  • Crimmins, Alfred William ’46
  • Criss, James Alan ’43, Marine Corps
  • Critchlow, John Nisbit Jr. ’42, Naval Reserve
  • Crothers, Omar D. Jr.
  • Crouch, James Charles ’44, Naval Reserve
  • Crouch, John Oren
  • Crouch, Robert Thomas ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Crouch, Winter Edwin Jr. ’45, Air Medal
  • Cruin, William Egar ’46, Marine Corps
  • Cully, Arthur Edgar ’25
  • Curcis, Michael Frank ’46
  • Dashiell, Levin Stanley ’39
  • Davis, James Deputy III ’34
  • Davis, Lloyd R. ’42
  • Davis, Oscar C. ’37
  • Davis, Samuel R. Jr. ’41
  • Davison, Willard Hall
  • Dawson, Willard ’41, Sargent, Army, Invasion of Europe

Davis, William G. ’57, Marine Corp

Entered the U.S. Marine Corps as a second lieutenant. He was a military career man, serving two tours in Vietnam having earned the Bronze Star. Bill traveled all over the world and in 1968 the 2nd Marines were called to the Dominican Republic where he was pictured in Life Magazine. After his prestigious 27 year career, William retired in 1986 as a Colonel.

  • DeBrow, Betty Childs ’46, WAVE
  • Deconson, James ’42
  • Dempsey, Rife Robert N. ’43
  • Derham, Donald McHammock ’48, Naval Reserve
  • Deringer, John Alricks ’45, Marine Corps
  • Deringer, W. Duncan Jr. ’48, Army
  • deSocio, George ’35, Navy, LCDR
  • Diacumakos, James Nicolas ’42
  • Dixon, John H. ’32, Army, W.O.J.G, Commendation Medal
  • Dobkins, Albert E. ’34
  • Dodds, William Cushing ’30
  • Doering, William Fries ’38
  • Doherty, James Edward ’42, Navy
  • Dolan, Leo Alexander ’38
  • Dole, Charles Edward ’38
  • Dorf, Milton I. ’42
  • Dowling, Vernon Franklin ’44, Navy Lt.
  • Downey, Joseph Strong ’44
  • Dryden, Alton Edward Jr. ’40, Navy, Lt. (jg)
  • DuBois, William Franklin Jr. ’43
  • Dudderar, Raymond Albert ’42, Marine Corps
  • Dudley, Clara Elizabeth ’41
  • Dudley, Norman Spear Jr. ’40
  • Dudley, Phillip Lee Travers ’43
  • Dulin, Charles Wesley (Jan) ’43
  • Dulin, William Edward ’45
  • Dunn, Jack Bernard ’38, Army Reserve
  • Earlkrowl, Francis H. ’45, Navy
  • Earnshaw, Jack W. ’46
  • Effland, John Edward Jr. ’45
  • Eisentrout, George M. ’39
  • Ekaitis, George L., Captain
  • Eliason, David C.
  • Eliason, John Cree ’44, Army, Private
  • Eliason, Thomas Walker Jr. ’42 Army Air Corps
  • Elliott, Donald J. ’40
  • Elliott, Joe Sire ’40, Naval Reserve
  • Engel, Martin J. ’43
  • English, Harved Medvin ’45
  • English, Russell ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Emich, James Holliday. ’44, USNR, ETM 3/c
  • Eminord, Ralph, Marine Corps
  • Ershler, William Carlton, Air Medal
  • Falardeau, Walter Joy Jr. ’45, USNR, Lt. (jg)
  • Falls, Don J. Jr. ’46, Army, Sgt.
  • Farr, John Hamilton ’39
  • Farr, Robert Wilber ’29
  • Fay, Wm J. ’46, Army
  • Fears Jr., Robert Knox ’37, Air Force, Major
  • Feldman, Joseph W. ’50, Merchant Marines
  • Femderson, M. Ann ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Fetter, Charles E. ’41, Army Air Force, B-29 Pilot
  • Fink, Robert M. ’36, Coast Guard
  • Fitzpatrick, Charles Bernard Jr, ’46
  • Foley, Albert E. Thompson
  • Foley, Richard Norton ’46
  • Foley, Thomas J. Jr. ’38, 2nd Lt.
  • Fontaine, E. Clarke Jr. ’36
  • Ford, B. Frank Jr. ’39
  • Ford, Samuel Franklyn ’40, Naval Reserve
  • Ford, William Huey ’40, Navy
  • Foster, Hesbia ’42, Air Force Pilot, Major
  • Fowke, William A. ’41, Army Air Corps, 1st Lt.
  • Foxwell, Marvin Mitchell ’47
  • Fraser, J. Donnell ’41, Naval Reserve
  • Freidrich, Charles A. ’42, Lt.
  • Freedman, Joseph H. ’36, Army
  • Freeny, William Edwin ’31
  • Gainer, Willard Daniel ’33
  • Gale, William Cook ’47
  • Gallagher, Howard J. Jr. ’46
  • Garrison, Mortimer ’42, Naval Reserve
  • Garrison, Robert Guy ’42
  • Geiselman, John Wesley
  • Geltzeiler, Neilan G. ’46
  • Gentry, M. Sewell ’45
  • Gibe, Frank ’44, Naval Reserve
  • Gibson, Francis McGinnis ’38
  • Gill, John Lee ’50, Naval Aviator
  • Glacken, Joseph E. ’30
  • Gladstone, Abnet B. ’41
  • Goberman, Charles Abram ’45, Army
  • Goldstein, Louis L. ’35, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Goodwin, Frank, Lt.
  • Gott, Wilmer Monnett ’46, Air Force, S/Sgt, Air Medal with Oak Leaf, Presidential Citation
  • Gray, William Francis ’45
  • Green, Jesse Henry Jr. ’42
  • Greene, Robert Wesley ’46, Marine Corps
  • Greenfield, Kent Roberts ’10, Army
  • Greggenheim, Kenneth W. ’42
  • Greims, Arthur W. ’37, Sgt.
  • Grieb, George Erety ’40
  • Gribe, William C. Jr. ’36, Army
  • Grove, Robert G. ’45
  • Groves, Bedford J. ’52
  • Gwyn, Lawrence T. ’46, Army, Tech/Sgt.
  • Hadaway, James Joel Jr. ’48, Coast Guard
  • Hall, Daniel Andrew ’45, Marine Corps
  • Hall, Harvey Nutter, Aviation Instructor
  • Hall, N. Douglas
  • Hall, Richard W. ’34, Naval Reserve
  • Hall, William Price ’43
  • Harper, Joseph Davis ’39
  • Harries, Ralph E., Navy
  • Harris, James E. ’14
  • Harris, John ’42
  • Harris, Roger B. Jr. ’44, Navy
  • Harrison, Rodney ’58, Major, Marine Corp Naval Aviator
  • Hartnett, Francis Reed ’41, Naval Reserve, Lt (jg)
  • Hastings, Turner B. ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Hazlett, Theodore J. ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Healey, Philip Norman ’44, Coast Guard

Heeg, Mary Farr ’33, Army

Served as First Lieutenant Army Nurse with the 118th General Hospital during World War II. She served in Sydney, Australia, and Leyte Island, Philippines.

  • Henderson, Warren William ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Herr, Leonard C.
  • Hess, David H. ’44
  • Hess, Ogle Wilton ’41, Navy, Lt. Jr. Gr.
  • Hickman, Philip A. ’40, Lt. Commander
  • Hicks, Harry Joseph Jr. ’39, Navy
  • Hill, Howard Bruner ’35, Army, Private First Class
  • Hill, Robert R. II, Marine Corps
  • Hill, William Caulk ’46, Marine Corps
  • Hitch Jr., Robert Norman ’43, Air, M. Sgt.
  • Hitchcock, John A. ’45
  • Hoban, William Miles ’44, Army
  • Hodges, Warren J. ’45
  • Hoffman, Daniel ’51 Lieutenant Commander, Navy
  • Holland, Charles A. ’32, Army
  • Holland, Lawrence Gilford ’26, Army

Hollingsworth, Colin ’33, Navy

Joined the U.S. Navy in October 1941 and after officer training at the Naval Academy served in Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Saipan and Tinian, first as engineer and then as captain of the U.S.S. Mimosa, a submarine net-layer. His ship was scheduled to precede the Marines in the planned invasion of Japan, which was cancelled when the Japanese surrendered.

Following World War II he returned to Baltimore and served as Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserve.

  • Hollis, Raymond O.
  • Holsinger, Leland Russell ’37
  • Holston, Irvin Stocklon Jr. ’35
  • Horner, Donald Hearn ’42, Army, Capt.
  • Holub, Carl james ’46
  • Hopkins, Donald Monroe ’47, Naval Reserve, Storekeeper Dispenser, 3-c.
  • Hopkins, Harry Parker Boyd ’33
  • Horowitz, Leon D. ’38
  • Horowitz, Robert S. ’45
  • Howes, Townsend ’23
  • Howeth, Norman Donald ’48
  • Hubbard, Milton L. Jr.
  • Hubbard, William F. ’47
  • Huey, Robert Harry ’35, Army, T/Sgt.
  • Huff, John Matthew ’44
  • Hunter, Donald S. ’30
  • Hurley, Nelson Francis ’31, Naval Reserve
  • Insley, Tawes McNamara ’34
  • Irish Charles Godwin Jr. ’46
  • Jackson., Samuel Omar Jr. ’43, USNR, Lt.

Jackson, William Norris, ’49, Army

Drafted into the Army and sailed to Europe in early 1945. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was wounded at Dortmund, Germany, in April 1945. He was awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Combat Infantry Badge.

  • Jarman, Frank McWhorter ’13
  • Jenson, Miller
  • Jones, George Washington Jr. ’37, Naval Reserve
  • Jones, James Claivson Jr. ’45, Marine Corps
  • Jones, Jerome Clavert jr. ’42
  • Johnson, Eugene, Naval Reserve
  • Johnson, Rufus C. ’42
  • Johnson, William B. ’40
  • Juliana, James N., Navy
  • Kardash, John ’42, Marine Corps
  • Kardash, Michael ’41, Naval Reserve
  • Karfgin, Arthur ’29, Naval Reserve
  • Karfgin, Dr. Walter E.,
  • Kauffman, Goerge Emmet Clarence ’32
  • Kaufman, Maurice
  • Kazenberg, Morton Charles ’45
  • Keester, George Bennett Jr. ’45, Army, Sgt.
  • Kemper, Millard A. ’36, Army Air Force
  • Kepler, Atlee Calvin ’42
  • Kexel, LeRoy E. ’30
  • Kibler, Clarence Louis ’39
  • Kibler, J. Thomas, Army, Lt. Col
  • Kilby, Raymond J. ’39
  • Kirby, Allen ’42
  • Kirby, William Seth Jr. ’45
  • Kirby, William Vernon ’27, Naval Reserve
  • Kirwan, John P. ’42
  • Kittrell, William Allen ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Klein, Samuel ’45
  • Knapp, Arthur Anderson ’39
  • Knolhoff, John Charles ’33
  • Knotts, Howard Duncan Jr. ’32, Merchant Marines
  • Koerber, Ervin Luther
  • Kohlerman, Vincent Francis ’46, Navy, Seaman 1-c.
  • Koons, Walter S.
  • Krometis, August ’42, Army, Lt. Col. Decorated several times
  • Krouse, Elizabeth Short ’37
  • Kuhn, F. Harold ’49
  • Kurze, Theodore J.
  • Labas, Charles ’37
  • Lake, George R.
  • Lane, Gordon Bridges ’40
  • Langham, Ernest James Jr. ’23
  • Larmore, Ernest Marcellus ’42

Lasater, Herman ’54, Army

Helped bring wounded soldiers out of France after the Normandy invasion.

  • Leap, Preston Arlington
  • Leary, William Leonard ’40
  • Leinan, Charles John Jr. ’39
  • Leivis, Elvin James ’48
  • Lentz, Valentine William ’45, Marine Corps
  • Lerner, Guy Elwood ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Lewis, Henry C. Jr. ’39, Army, 2nd Lt.
  • Lewis, Joe ’33
  • Libbey, David C., t/Sgt.
  • Linthicum, Samuel D. ’36
  • Littell, John Marus ’36
  • Littleton, Oliver Jr. ’42, Navy, Lt.
  • Livingston, Robert L. ’42, Naval Reserve
  • Llevellyn, Paul M. ’45
  • Logan, William Robert ’42
  • Loll, Gustav William ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Long, John William ’35, Army
  • Long, Joseph Stanleu ’28
  • Lord, John Mason ’35, Naval Reserve
  • Lore, Harry Elmer Jr. ’42
  • Lowe, William Ebenezer ’29, Naval Reserve
  • Lucas, Robert Moreland ’46
  • Luddy, John Joseph ’32
  • Lussier, Betty Ann ’43
  • Lynam, Thorton G. ’46
  • Lynch, Calvin Williams ’44, Army
  • Lynch, Herbert Dickson ’45, Marine Corps
  • Lytivyn, Theodore ’44, Naval Reserve
  • MacHale, John Marlin Jr. ’44
  • Macielag, Frank ’44, Navy
  • Mackrell, Alexander James Jr. ’45, Marine Corps
  • Maguire, Henry Francis ’42, Navy (Also served in Korean War)
  • Mallonee, Robert Logan ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Marsh, Leon Carrolton Jr. ’43 Navy
  • Marzicola, Robert Oreste ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Matlack, William Eugene ’40, Army 1st Lt.
  • Mattews, Donald Emerson ’40
  • McCabe, Edward Lee, Naval Reserve
  • McCalley, Lawrence Edwin Jr. ’41, Naval Reserve
  • McClellan, Donald Shoemaker ’43, Marine Corps
  • McCook, Marie Carman ’40, USNR Waves, Chief Radioman
  • McCool, Charles, Navy, Lt.
  • McCool, Ralph W. ’49
  • McCoy, James Norman ’46
  • McCullough, Raymond Oliver Jr. ’32
  • McDaniel, Willard H. ’47, Naval Reserve

McDorman, Robert Donald ʼ38, Navy

Served in the U. S. Navy from 1942 to 1945. He was an Anti Submarine Warfare Officer on the USS Blessman with the rank of Lt. (jg). The Blessman’s officer roster lists him in Normandy on June 6, 1944 and in Iwo Jima on February 16, 1945. From 1939 to 1942, and again after World War II, from 1945 to 1953.

  • McGran, Clayton Edward ’48
  • McGure, Arthur Curtis ’46
  • McGuire, Henry ’42, Navy (Also served in the Korean War)
  • McHale, Jr., Stephen J. ’53, Army
  • McKenney, John Scott ’29
  • McLain, Joseph Howard’37
  • McLaughlin, Joseph Francis ’44
  • McMahan, Edward Smith. ’39, Army
  • McMenamn, David ’24, Navy
  • McNiff, Francis Walter ’42
  • Mead, Francis Hudson ’42, Coast Guard
  • Meador, Milton F. ’39
  • Meaford, Royston Z. ’46, Navy
  • Measell, Ira D. Jr. ’35
  • Medford, William Edward ’40
  • Medinger, William S. ’39, Army
  • Meekins, Gilbert E.
  • Meiser, Charles Herbert Jr. ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Meredith, Edwin Gibson ’40, Captain
  • Messick, Jean France ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Metcalfe, James G. Jr. ’44
  • Miles, Southey Francis ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Miller, Charles Edward ’40
  • Miller, Samuel Isadore Jr. ’44
  • Mowbray, Edward H. ’46, Air Force
  • Moffett, Raymond Reed ’30
  • Mooney, Albert Lee ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Moore, Vaugham Pruitt
  • Morgan, Herbert Joshua ’44, Marine Corps
  • Morgan, William Edward ’39, B-17 chief engineer, Staff Sgt.. Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster and Purple Heart
  • Morton, Henry Scott Jr. ’41, Navy
  • Mott, Joel Allen Jr. ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Mowbray, Edward Hooper ’47
  • Muccino, Kenneth, Frederick ’42
  • Mulleneaux, William Wesley ’47
  • Mulligan, William ’47
  • Mullineaux, William W.
  • Mulvaney, Wilbert ’53, Navy
  • Munyan, Robert Kenneth ’43
  • Murphy, Austin Ray Jr. ’43 Naval Reserve
  • Murray, William Paul ’36, Naval Reserve
  • Myers, Ivah ’38
  • Nagler, William Michael Jr. ’42, Navy
  • Nairn, Charles Belding Jr. ’43
  • Natunewicz, Dr. Henry ’46, USNR Flight Engineer
  • Nelson, Dorsey Cook ’40
  • Neubert, howard Hale ’40
  • Nides, Fedon George ’37
  • Noble, James Milton ’33
  • Norris, Charles Frederick ’28
  • Northam, Thomas Alfred ’17
  • Nowak, Albert William ’45
  • Nuttle, Arthur H.
  • Nuttle, Beurdette ’34
  • O’Brien, John Raymond ’44, Air Medal, Purple Heart, Citation of Honor from the Air Corps
  • Orman, Ruben ’46, Army
  • Orne, Archibald Russum ’32
  • O’Steen, Charles David ’46, Army
  • Owens, James Leslie ’39
  • Owens, Jeam Stewart ’38, Naval Reserve

Paca, William Winchester Jr. ’42, Marine Corps

Served in the Pacific theater during World War II in Tinian, Guam, Hawaii and Japan and received a Purple Heart award. After serving in the Korean War, retired as a Captain USMCR in 1957.

  • Packman, Allen Bernard ’45
  • Palder, Edward Lawrence ’44, Army
  • Palmer, Walter Butler Jr. ’47
  • Parks, Claude M. ’29
  • Parks, Rudolph Marion ’44
  • Parris, James Leonard ’43, Navy
  • Parris, Paul Sutherland Jr. ’45
  • Patterson, Wilbert Thomas ’42
  • Payne, Wilford Henry Jr. ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Pelensky, Roman V. ’36
  • Perrin, Willion Kennon ’31
  • Perry, John Wilkinson Jr., Naval Reserve
  • Perry, Joseph Anthony Jr. ’43
  • Peyser, Frederic S. ’36, Naval Reserve
  • Pfund, Howard Henry ’39
  • Pierce, Robert Wardell ’45
  • Pinto, George John ’42, Navy
  • Pippin, Paul Weatley. ’34, Naval Reserve Sr Lt.
  • Pippin, Ruth Elise ’44
  • Pitcher, Paul Timothy ’46
  • Pittman, James H. ’39, Army, Major, post-humous award of Silver Star
  • Pletts, Donald Cole ’44
  • Ponder, Katherine May ’51, Plane Ferry Pilot Women’s Airforce Service Pilot (WASP)
  • Porter, Thayer Prettyman ’44

Pote, Henri deVries ’44, Army, Corporal

Purple Heart recipient, received an Army Civilian Service Award upon retirement from Pine Bluff Arsenal.

  • Poughkeepsie, Frederick Howard ’42
  • Powell, Lucian Linwood ’32, Army
  • Pratt, George Thomas ’36
  • Preston, Charles Menton ’46, Marine Corps
  • Prettyman, William Clark ’45, Navy
  • Price, Earl Wallace ’35
  • Pritchett, Ralph Jackson ’46
  • Quillen, Robert H. ’41
  • Rambo, Elwood Colbrook Jr. ’40, Naval Reserve
  • Rankin, William Donald ’45, Naval Reserve, Lt.
  • Rasin, Alexander Parks Jr. ’32, Army

Rasin, George B. ’37

Special Agent to the Counter-Intelligence Corp, Division of Military Intelligence

  • Rawley, Clarence Gardner, Naval Reserve
  • Rayne, Coxswain Harold Jackson Jr. ’41, Navy
  • Ready, Roland C., Army
  • Redman, Georgeanna Josephine ’37
  • Reed, Duvall ’45
  • Reed, Vernon ’45, Air Corp, Sgt.
  • Rees, Howard Dale Jr. ’35, Navy
  • Reist, Wallace Alan ’43, Army
  • Remsbery, LeRoy Karl ’35
  • Rhodes, Harry Clement ’35, Navy
  • Richard, William McAlpine ’33
  • Rickards, James N. Jr. ’33
  • Riecks, Henry Edward ’58, Navy
  • Riedy, Alexander Noble ’40, Naval Reserve
  • Reidy, Wilson L. ’42
  • Robbins, John Adrian Jr. ’46
  • Robbins, Robert Crowell ’39 Naval Reserve
  • Robinson, Frances Clements ’30, WAC, Major
  • Robinson, Frank Spencer ’43 Naval Reserve
  • Robinson, Harvey George, Corporal
  • Rodemeyer, Michael Leonard ’40
  • Rodney, Charles Alfred Jr. ’44, Lt.
  • Rodney, Walter Owen ’36
  • Roe, Charles Archie ’42 Naval Reserve
  • Roe, William Medford Dudley ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Roemer, William Warren ’46 Naval Reserve
  • Rogers, John Calvin ’35, USNR, Lt. Comander
  • Romanistion, Walter ’46 Naval Reserve
  • Rollins, Clarence ’53, Marine Corp
  • Ross, James Thomas Waters ’38
  • Rothermel, Charles Edward ’44
  • Rowe, Warren James ’46
  • Roy, Harry Rittenhouse ’44 Navy
  • Ruark, Paul Edwin Jr. ’43
  • Rude, Gilbert J.
  • Ruff, Robert Andrew Jr. ’44, Army
  • Russell, Bill ’53
  • Russell, Harry Simmons ’26
  • Russell, John Waters Jr. ’46
  • Salter, James D. ’38, Army, Major
  • Saltsinan, Samuel Atherton Jr. ’45
  • Samele, Frank ’44
  • Sasse, Louis II ’25, Chaplain
  • Saunders, James N.
  • Sayler, Richardson Wright ’35
  • Schelberg, Charles Lewis Jr. ’49
  • Scher, Irvin Henry ’44
  • Schmitt, William Henry ’46
  • Schnaper, Nathan ’40
  • Schroeter, Fred William ’46
  • Scheuerholz, Wilson Joseph ’43
  • Scott, Nelson R. Naval Reserve
  • Scott, Omar W. ’40, Naval Reserve
  • Seibel, Samuel, Private
  • Seward, Clarence Lee Jr. ’18, Naval Reserve
  • Shapris, Albert Aaron ’46
  • Sharrer, Norman Eugene
  • Shelton, Baker Omer Jr. ’28
  • Shelzer, Irving Milton ’47, Army
  • Sheppard, Milton Rorary Jr. ’45, Navy
  • Sherrard, Andrew Cameron Jr. ’39, Naval Reserve
  • Sherrard, Frank Coe ’39, Navy, Lt.
  • Shillinger, Frederick William ’45 Naval Reserve
  • Shinnamon, Francis Albert ’45, Navy
  • Shockley, Joshua Ernest ’40
  • Short, Norman William ’38, Naval Reserve
  • Shrewsbury, William James ’38, Naval Reserve
  • Shriver, Harold Denwood ’32
  • Silesky, Gordon Meyer
  • Simkim, William
  • Simmons, Woodrow Wilson ’38
  • Simpers, Frank Vannort Jr., ’40 Marine Corps, Sgt
  • Simpson, Stanley Albert ’46, Army
  • Sinclair, Raymond Griffith Jr., ’47, Marine Corps, awarded Silver Star for Bravery at Iwo Jima
  • Skipp, Philip James ’37, Navy, Lt.
  • Slade, George Kemble ’44, Marine Corps
  • Slade, Harry Montrose Jr. ’43, Naval Reserve, Lt.
  • Slemoner, William R. Jr. ’45, Army
  • Smith, Charles Edgar Jr. ’28
  • Smith, Charles St. John ’42
  • Smith, Donald Willard ’42
  • Smith, Francis Auvan ’41, Army
  • Smith, Frank Everette ’40, Army, Lt.
  • Smith, Harry S. ’36
  • Smith, Irving Russel ’42
  • Smith, John Howard ’46
  • Smith, John Richard Jr. ’43, Naval Reserve
  • Smith, John Webster, Naval Reserve
  • Smith, Louis Evans ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Smith, Marvin Hugh ’37, Army, m/Sgt.
  • Smith, William Arnold ’40 Navy
  • Smithson, John Royston ’34, Naval Reserve
  • Smoot, Merrill Clayvelle ’22, Naval Reserve
  • Snyder, John Howard ’46
  • Snyder, Robert Lyles ’37, Lt. Col.
  • Sohl, George Nelson Jr. ’42
  • Sorfer, Dr. Albert Alexander ’26
  • Souder, Philip Boyer ’42
  • Sparks, Curtis Emerson ’31
  • Spielman, James Samuel ’41, Naval Reserve, Lt.
  • Spry, Jay Franklin ’37, Army, s/Sgt.
  • Squires, Dr. Millard F., Lt.
  • Stack, John Rumbold ’41, Marine Corps, Major
  • Stafford, Harold Temple ’39, Army, Sgt.
  • Starkley, Elmer Bennett ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Steele, James Morrison ’43, Naval Reserve, Lt.
  • Steele, Maurice Gaylord Jr. ’44, Lt.
  • Streckfus, Thomas Godwin ’46, Navy
  • Steffens, Dietrich Henry ’43, Army
  • Sterling, Philip Columbus Jr.. ’37, Army, Lt. Col.
  • Sterling, William Maxwell ’42, Navy
  • Stevens, Benjamin Ralph ’40
  • Stevens, Charles, Army, Private
  • Stevens, James Arthur Jr. ’43, Marine Corps
  • Stevens, Lois Margaret ’43, Marine Corps
  • Stevens, William Clayton ’41, Army, technical Sgt.
  • Stevenson, Charles Edward Jr. ’35, Marine Corps, Private
  • Stevenson, Thomas Watts ’42, Army Air Corps, Corporal
  • Stradley, Price Roe ’41, Naval Reserve, Lt (jg), Navy Cross and Gold Star in lieu of second Navy Cross, Air Medal, Purple Heart and star in lieu of 2nd Purple Heart.
  • Stone, Parker Weare ’39, Army
  • Storm, E. Marlin, Army, Captain
  • Storey, Betty, Army, Nurse
  • Stromberg, Maurice Herman
  • Suelke, Harry P. ’36, Navy
  • Sutton, Joseph Augustine ’45, Army
  • Sutton, Raymond Franklin Jr. ’46, Naval Reserve
  • Svec, James Frederick ’45, Navy
  • Tarbutton, James Garrett ’46, Army, Sgt.
  • Tarlow, Irving Gerald ’47, Army, Sgt.
  • Tarr, Norman ’48, Army
  • Tatler, Nathan N., Army, 1st Lt.
  • Taylor, Cornelius Graves ’29, Captain
  • Taylor, Francis Jr. ’43, Naval Reserve, Lt (jg)
  • Taylor, Walter Rowland ’40, Naval Reserve
  • Teal, Lee DeHurst ’44, Naval Reserve
  • Test, Robert Gerald Jr. ’46, Army, s/Sgt.
  • Thawley, Robert Hooper ’43, Navy
  • Thomas, Elmer Collins Jr. ’44, Naval Reserve Lt. (jg)
  • Thompson, William Wesley ’38, Army, Captain

Thornton, Eugenia ’72, Army, Colonel

(Published in the Cecil Whig, May 15, 2017, by Joe Antoshak )

At Perryville Library, one of U.S. Army’s first female officers tells her story

PERRYVILLE — After the speech had ended, retired U.S. Army Col. Eugenia Thornton asked if she could wrap her arms around Julia Oliver. “Thank you so much, thank you so much,” Thornton said to her. “Standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Oliver had come to the Perryville Branch Library on Saturday to watch Thornton speak on a 27-year career in a less-than-actually integrated Army — that’s something the two have in common. Oliver enlisted in 1958, Thornton in 1973.

At this event, held just days before the 75th anniversary of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) founding on May 15, 1942, the two shared a warm moment together. Thornton, who’s considered a pioneer for female officers in the U.S. military, thanked Oliver for paving the way before her.

The pair’s conversation was a striking example of a slow climb of progress. In 1964, Oliver became the first woman assigned to play in an Army band that wasn’t the WAC’s. In 1973, Thornton joined the first class of women officers trained to lead and work with men. Each of them looked up to the women who came before them.

“When I was in the service, I made a point to get to know women who were in World War II, because there was nobody to pave the way for them,” Oliver said.

Thornton’s presentation to a crowd of 20, started with a brief history of women in the U.S. military dating back to the Revolutionary War, then delved into her personal history with the Army. Though it was scheduled to run about 45 minutes, it went roughly twice as long.

Thornton was born in Union Hospital and grew up in this county, attending Gilpin Manor Elementary School and Bohemia Manor Middle School. She moved to Delaware for high school, then to Kent County to attend Washington College, but she returned to wait tables at Chesapeake Inn while searching for jobs after college.

From there, she tested for the Army and became an officer. That was the beginning of a career that spanned almost three decades.

As Thornton explained, that first class of female officers wasn’t a social experiment, it was a necessity to strengthen an Army that, largely because of the draft, was far less disciplined than it is today. But the men took longer to come around to the idea.

Thornton was objectified and belittled in her day-to-day interactions, with many soldiers failing to consider her more than “someone to date,” she said. Beyond that, soldiers’ wives perceived her more foe than friend, as they worried she would destroy their marriages.

Especially in those early days, Thornton was made to feel ostracized, she said. She recalled particularly painful memories at Fort Riley, Kansas, where fellow soldiers would stare aghast at her wearing the 1st Infantry Division insignia, as if she didn’t deserve to wear the badge of “The Big Red One.”

“Instead of being welcomed, I was shunned,” she said.

She became the first woman to be deployed in a major field exercise, in a show of force in Germany against the Soviet Union, and became a national story after the Associated Press wrote about her. Unfortunately, that press coverage did little to ease her situation in the Army. Her raised profile made her a target for more objectification, and at Saturday’s presentation she showed a cartoon that a colleague had drawn of her, depicting her more as a sexual fantasy than a human.

But she remained focused and, despite adversity, continued to rise through the ranks. In the 1980s and ’90s, she became an even more important figure in the Army’s ranks.

She was thanked for her service by President George H.W. Bush, provided President Bill Clinton information about the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and worked closely with retired Army Gen. Colin Powell.

“But the most important part of my career is that I really did get to be a part of history. So many of us in the military feel this way,” she said. “When we look at the news, we’re going, ‘Oh, well I remember when I did this plan.’ A lot of us have had a lot of impact on how things go today.

“There’s a lot of us that have touched so many things in the military, and I certainly was no stranger to that.”

  • Thornton, Ralph Rees ’40, Army, Sgt.
  • Todd, Paul ’31, Army, 1st Lt.
  • Tolj, Henry Donald ’47, Army, Corporal
  • Tolles, Winton, Naval Reserve, Lt. Commander
  • Tomlinson, Joseph Hansen III ’43, Army, Lt.
  • Tomlinson, William Compton ’47, Army Sgt.
  • Tomlinson, Wray Joseph ’36, Major
  • Towner, Marion Malcolm ’38, Army, Sgt.
  • Trupp, Mason ’33, Major, Soldier’s Medal for Bravery in Action
  • Tully, Basil ’39, Navy
  • Turner, Bedford Hackett Jr. ’30, Army Air Force, Major
  • Turner, Edward ’38, Naval Reserve, Lt.
  • Twupack, Francis William ’45, Army
  • Usilton, Joseph Preston ’22, Army, Corporal
  • Usilton, William Barger III, Army, Sgt.
  • Urie, William Arthur “39, Army 1st. Lt.
  • Valentine, Clarence E. ’43, Army
  • Valliant, John Oakley ’39, Army 1st. Sgt.
  • Van der, Goes Henry
  • VanDerveer, John Ward Jr. ’46, Navy

Vandervoordt, Benjamin Hays ’38

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on 1 June 1944, he was the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Battalion, 505th PIR, during the airborne landings in Normandy. Vandervoort led his battalion in defending the town of Sainte-Mère-Église on 6 June in “Mission Boston”, despite having broken his ankle on landing.

During “Operation Market Garden” in September 1944, he led the assault on the Waal Bridge at Nijmegen while the 3rd Battalion, 504th PIR, made the assault crossing. General Matthew B. Ridgway described Vandervoort as “one of the bravest and toughest battle commanders I ever knew.”

At Goronne he was wounded by mortar fire, so was unable to take part in the divisions’ advance into Germany. Vandervoort was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross twice.

  • Vandervoort, Charles Otis ’38
  • VanVliet, William Jr. ’46
  • Viguers, Thomas Lawrence Jr. ’46, Army, Flight Officer
  • Vincent, Irving Phillips ’39. Army
  • Voith, George Gerard ’45, Naval Reserve, Lt. (jg)
  • Walalkus, William Peter ’40, Naval Reserve
  • Waldinan, Sidney ’44
  • Walheim, Lawrence Matthew Jr. ’46, Lt.
  • Walk, John Douglass, Army
  • Walkins, Rogers Pennington ’36, Army Air Corps, s/Sgt.
  • Wallace, William Jennings ’18, Army, Brigadier General
  • Wallers, John Gillespie ’45, Army
  • Walls, Edwin Clyde ’19
  • Walls, Fletcher Emory, Army
  • Walls, Samuel Charles Jr. ’34, Navy
  • Walsh, Harry Martin ’46, Navy
  • Ward, Ellery Jerome ’36, Army
  • Ward, Herbert Francis Jr. ’48, Army
  • Ward, Joseph Arthur Jr. ’45, Army, Sgt.
  • Ware, Reuben Mulford ’39, Army
  • Warfield, Henry Branch ’45, Naval Reserve

Warther, John (Marty) Jr. ’43, Navy

In May 1943 John entered Notre Dame Midshipman School. He graduated Ensign, USNR and entered Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons Training Center, Melville, R.I. He graduated as a PT boat officer. After that, he attended Marine Jungle Warfare training at Camp LeJeune, NC. He received priority order to replace an officer on a boat in the South Pacific (Squadron 8.) On his first night on the submarine, the patrol boat was blown up. He became executive officer with Skipper Wally L. on PT 114 and was bombed by a Japanese plane on the next patrol. Many were severely injured in machine gun turrets, but he was saved by a torpedo tube. He managed to return PT 114, with about 1,000 holes, back to a New Guinea base. John continued in the war with two tours in the Pacific for 3 ½ years.

  • Warther, William Edward ’47, Army, Sgt.
  • Watson, Edward M. ’42, Air Force, Sgt.
  • Wathen, Thomas Vernon ’30, Naval Reserve
  • Watt, Graham W., Naval Reserve
  • Weaver, David Paul ’47, Naval Reserve
  • Weaver, John Stanley ’46, Army, Sgt.
  • Weer, James Edward ’36, Naval Reserve, Lt. (jg)
  • Weisberg, Seymour S. ’46, Army Lt.
  • Wells, Charles
  • Werner, Herman Oscar, Naval Reserve, Lt.
  • Wetzel, Kenneth Harlan ’51, Navy
  • Wharton, Albert Watson ’41, Naval Reserve, Lt. (jg)
  • Wheatley, Chalres Frazier Jr. ’38, Army, Captain
  • Wheeler, Bix ’49, Air Force
  • White, Allen Howard ’15,  Navy, Captain
  • White, Richard Kelly ’29, Army, Captain
  • Whitney, Rita Marie ’40, Navy Lt. (jg)
  • Wieneke, Charles William Jr. ’44
  • Wienert, A. Clarence Jr. ’46
  • Wilkinson, Kenneth Lee ’45, Navy, ETM 3/c
  • Wiles, Charles Preston ’39, Coast Guard
  • Williams, John Wright. Jr. ’43, Navy, Lt.
  • Williams, Judson Thomas Jr. ’44, Army, Private
  • Williams, Roger ’51, Army
  • Willams, Wallace Jr. ’44, Army Air Force, 1st. Lt.
  • Willson, Allan S., Army, Sgt.
  • Wilson, Charles Frederick ’45, Navy
  • Wilson, Edward Carmel Jr. ’45, Naval Reserve
  • Wingate, Francis, Markham. ’38, Army, T/Sgt.
  • Wood, Charles Edgar Jr. ’43, Army Air Corps, Private
  • Wood, Eric Huse ’30, Naval Reserve, lt.
  • Wood, Norma Jean
  • Woodford, Walter Edgar Jr. ’45, Army Corp of Engineers, Tech-Sgt. Engineer – Construction Battalion – Pacific Theatre of Operations
  • Wright, Dr. James ’48
  • Wright, Dr. Robert E. ’42, Army, T/5
  • Wright, Robert Howard
  • Wright, Thomas Fletcher ’46, Army, Private
  • Wright, William Elder ’33, Naval Reserve, Lt.
  • Yerkes, Lewis Albert ’44, Marine Corp, Private
  • Zebrowski, Alexander ’39
  • Zebrowski, Francis B. ’46, Army, Sgt.

Korean War (1950 - 1953)

  • Appleby, Robert H. ’54
  • Baker, Walter M. ’60, Army
  • Beaton, Robert ’57, Navy
  • Brandenburg, Larry ’50, Naval Lieutenant
  • Frank W. Brower, Jr. ’51 P’91, Navy
  • Buckley, Lewis E. ’55, Army, Sp/4
  • Burge, Charles ’59, Army

Campbell, Edward J. ’57, U. S. Army

A proud veteran, Ed served in the 32nd Infantry Regiment of the US Army from 1948-52. Serving as Sergeant 1st Class in Heavy Mortar from 1950-1951, Ed fought in the Inchon Landing and the Chosin Reservoir, two of the bloodiest battles of the Korean War.

  • Carrico, John Gary, Jr., Army (Also served in WWII, Okinawa)
  • Cleaver, Bob ’58, Army
  • Cook, Lee ’51
  • Cromwell, George ’53, Navy

Edwards, Raymond Wesley ’54, Brigadier General

After graduating from Washington College he joined the Marine Corps, and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1953. He embarked on a career as a Marine Artillery Officer, training at Fort Sill. He had various artillery assignments with the Second and Third Marine Divisions. While serving at Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington DC he graduated from the Washington College of Law, The American University, in 1966. His first tour in Viet Nam was as a Plans Officer and a Fire Support Coordinator. Returning to the US, he was an Assistant Professor of Naval Science at the University of Wisconsin, after which he commenced his legal career at Camp LeJune, NC serving as a Judge Advocate. During the next 15 years, Brigadier General Edwards was assigned to various positions in the legal field, including his assignment as Staff Judge Advocate of the First Marine Aircraft Wing conducting operations in Viet Nam, Marine Corps Base Camps, LeJune NC, and Quantico VA. His last tour was an Assistant Judge Advocate General of the Navy for Military Law in Washington DC where he was responsible for the Administration of Military Justice throughout the Navy and Marine Corps. His decorations include the Legion of Merit, Two Meritorious Service Medals, Navy Commendation Medal with Combat V., Combat Action Ribbon and the Republic of Viet Nam Navy Distinguished Service Medal. After 31 years of service to his country he retired as a Brigadier General.

  • Goldstein, William ’49, Army
  • Graef, Harland Richard ’51, Navy
  • Grim, Jr., John F. ’53, Army
  • Klein, John W. II ’52, Army
  • Maguire, Henry ’42, Navy (Also served in WWII)
  • Parrett, Raymond Edward ’50, Army, 31st Infantry Regt. 7th Division
  • Sharp, Alan R. ’57, Army
  • Smith, Richard ’48, Army Chemical Corps

Smith, M. Rogers ’51, Air Force

Almost immediately after graduation Rogers entered a branch of the armed forces. He was in the Air Force from 1951 to 1953 active duty followed by 7 years of Reserve time.

Spanagel, Herman (Dutch) A. ’51, Navy

“I am a retired naval officer (24 years), 12 years of which was sea duty mostly in pushing destroyers about. The real gem of my Navy time was as one of two Navy types attached to the DOD Joint Staff for Manned Space Flight operations (6 years total) in Patrick AFB, Florida. I was a small part of each of the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Sky Lab programs, times of great interest of future growth in manned space flight. After retirement from the service, and for the next 20 years, I worked initially with developmentally disabled adults followed up in various positions within our county’s Easter Seal organization. Upon final retirement, at 71 years of age, I engaged myself for 15 years in volunteer work …”    

  • Sullivan III, Arthur ’48, Army

Vietnam War (1959 – 1975)


Benson, Ellen Heather ’65, Navy Lieutenant

Naval Officer Candidate School at Newport, RI, Stationed at Lakehurst, NJ, Yokosuka, Japan, Oceana in Virginia Beach, VA and the 4th Naval District Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA

Berry, Rev. Barton D., Jr. ’63, Army

Rev. Berry served with the United States Army as Military Chaplain from June 1966 until August 1992. He began his service in Troy, NY and later served at various bases throughout the United States including Ft. Hamilton, NY, Ft. McClellan, AL, Ft. Bragg, NC, Ft. Campbell, KY, Ft. Bliss, TX and Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg where he served as Depot Chaplain from June 1987 until his retirement in August 1992. During his 26 year career with the United States Army, he was the recipient of numerous medals and commendations for his service including the Bronze Star with one oak leaf cluster, Meritorious Service medal with one oak leaf cluster, Army Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with three stars and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm Unit Citation.

Bloom, Jack ’68, Army

After graduation Jack joined the Army. He was an Infantry Captain and Aviation Captain in Vietnam. He later joined the Navy and continued to fly, went into the USN Reserves, and was recalled to duty for Desert Storm/Desert Shield and finally retired as a Navy Commander.

  • Burge, Charles (Chappy) Douglas ’59, Army Chaplain
  • Burnham, Roderic W. ’66, Navy
  • Chalfant, James G. ’67, Army
  • Coker, John ’65, Coast Guard

Dove III, John (Jay) M. ’65

Jay attended Army Artillery Officer Candidate School in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  After graduating in June of 1966, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Artillery. After advanced training in target acquisition, he attended the Army Jump School at Fort Benning, GA.  He was then assigned to a target acquisition battalion along the border between North and South Korea.  In December of 1967, Jay left Korea and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC as the executive officer of a 105 mm howitzer battery.  In February of 1968, his brigade deployed to Vietnam during the Tet Offensive.  He returned home from Vietnam in June of 1968.

Gillio, Dave ’60, Navy Intelligence

Upon graduation from Washington College, Dave enlisted in the Navy and was commissioned in 1961. He retired as Commander after 22 years of service.

  • Heck, Samuel L. ’67, Army 4/47 BN, 9th Infantry Division, Mekong Delta, RVN
  • Hodges, Oswald Wayne (Ozzie) ’65, Army Infantry Officer 82nd Airborne Division

Hoke, Mark L. ’57, Army

Upon graduation from Washington College, Mark enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Private. A 28 year military career, Mark served in key command and staff positions at every level of military command from a rifle squad up to and including the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Commendation Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal with 4 campaign stars, the Meritorious Unit Citation, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge.

On April 4, 1984, Mark was awarded the Order of Military Medical Merit, and on April 16, 1999 he was inducted into the United States Army Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame at Fort Benning, Georgia. And on February 20, 2008, Mark was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution Medal of Honor; the highest award that organization may present.

Huggins, James B. ’68, Navy

“My draft notice arrived in mid-December 1967, when I was a “fifth year” senior at WC.  My local draft board felt that I had already been granted too many 2S student deferments and I was directed to report to the Army Induction Center in Baltimore in mid-January.  But I wanted to finish college first and hopefully enter the service as an officer instead of an enlisted man.  My only familiarity with the military was through family….my dad, uncle, and their first cousin had all been officers in the Navy during WWII, so I headed to the Navy Recruiting Center.  I walked out a few hours later having signed up for Aviation Officers Candidate School because that was the only branch of the Navy that needed more applicants.  My total flight experience at that time was 45 minutes aloft with a neighbor in his Cessna 172, and I had never even been in a commercial airliner.  But the Navy was losing a lot of pilots in Vietnam and that was their need on the day I visited the recruiter.

I graduated with a BS in Biology in June 1968 and reported to Pensacola, Florida in July.  AOCS, then basic and advanced flight training, and then assignment to Fighter Squadron Thirty-One flying the F-4 Phantom at Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA.  First cruise in 1971 on the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga to the Atlantic, North Atlantic, North Sea and Mediterranean.  Then a second cruise in 1972-73 to Southeast Asia after the North Vietnamese Army invaded South Vietnam to began their spring “Easter Offensive”….10-month deployment, 138 combat missions.

Finished my service in the fall of 1973.  Entered Eastern Virginia Medical School in 1976.  Received my MD and completed residency training and then practiced Diagnostic Radiology in Staunton, Virginia for 30 years.  Retired in 2013.  Now active as a Patient Care Volunteer with our local Hospice of the Shenandoah, and really enjoying my retirement.”

  • Kelly, Michael ’68
  • Kenton, Donald E. ’68, 1968-1972, Helicopter Pilot
  • Kerr, William R. ’73, Army
  • Manning, Robert E. ’68, Coast Guard
  • Matthews III, William B. ’71, Army

McMahon, Timothy L. ’65, Army Lieutenant Colonel

Served in Army Airborne during Vietnam, Panama, and Korea. Buried in Arlington National Cemetary on September 26, 2008.

  • Milberg, Warren ’62, 1965-1969, Air Force & CIA
  • O’Kane ’65, 1963-1965, Marine Lance Corporal
  • O’Bier, Russell J. ’57, Army National Guard

Paxson, Charles K. ’65, Army Captain

Upon completing Dental School, he served from October, 1969 to October, 1971 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina as a Dental Officer.

  • Prendergast, William B. ’66, Army
  • Quinn, Jim ’84, Army

Roberts III, John W. ’67, Army, Air Defense Command

Nike Hercules Missile, 198th Light Infantry Brigade

Killed In Action 02/22/1970 - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Panel 13W Line 47

Reddish, George Allan (Al) ’65, Army Intelligence

After graduating from Washington College George served four years active duty in the US Army. One of those years, Aug. 1967 to Aug. 1968, he served in Vietnam as an Army Intelligence Officer. After being released from active duty he served 20 more years in the Army Reserve.

  • Roden, Henry Douglas (Doug) ’65, Army - Berlin Germany 1966 - 1968
  • Rogers, Donald ’70

Shipway, Glen R. Shipway ’65, Army Sergeant

Glen’s Basic Training was at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. He was stationed at Ft Belvoir in northern Virginia and spent one year in Vietnam at Long Binh serving with the 44th Medical Brigade.

Smith, Lawrence D. ’67, Marine

Mr. Smith was commissioned a U.S. Marine 2nd Lieutenant upon completion of USMC Officer Candidate School in November of 1967, and was assigned to U.S. Navy Flight School in Pensacola, FL in December of that same year. Following graduation from flight school, promotion to 1st Lieutenant, and designation as a Naval Aviator in March of 1969, he was assigned as a helicopter pilot to Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron (HMM) 264 in New River, NC where he trained to fly the CH-46D Sea Knight helicopter. After completing CH-46 qualification and participation in a three-month cruise aboard the USS Guadalcanal to learn the finer points of carrier and amphibious operations, Mr. Smith was assigned in November of 1969 to fly with HMM-161 in the Republic of Vietnam. During his service there, he was shot down twice and crashed once due to a control system failure, miraculously walking away from all three incidents without injury. Mr. Smith left the Marines as a Captain in 1975, and trained to be a computer applications software engineer, an occupation in which he is still employed.

In 1982, the desire to get back in the air led him to join the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as a part-time Army Warrant Officer pilot. He spent 20 of the next twenty-three years flying UH-1H “Huey” helicopters, and the last three of those years flying the UH-60A Blackhawk helicopter, retiring in September of 2005 with more than 31 years of military service. During his time in the Guard, Mr. Smith served one rotation in Central America supporting Army road-building operations through the mountains of Honduras, and a year-long tour of active duty supporting United Nations peace-keeping operations in Kosovo, Republic of Serbia.

Stafford, H. Allen ’63, Navy Fighter Pilot

Allen Stafford, was a Navy fighter pilot who spent five and a half years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. Beginning in 1964, Lt. Cmdr. Stafford did three tours in Vietnam-one flying bombing missions from aircraft carriers, another as a forward air observer directing air strikes from the ground in South Vietnam, and a third as an adviser to the surface fleet from aboard amphibious vessels. Stafford’s Skyhawk single-engine plane was shot down over the port city of Hai Phong on August 31, 1967. Despite barbaric treatment, he and his fellow captors survived by their wits: keeping the lines of communication open between the POWS through tap code and sign language, memorizing meticulous records of every American pilot who was shot down and where he was being held: and conducting lessons in languages, literature, physics and philosophy. At the “Hanoi Hilton,” with its smooth concrete floors serving as chalkboards, prisoners appointed “deans” in each room who developed curricula of study. With the end of the war, Stafford was released March 15, 1973, and began the road to recovery. He served out the remainder of his Navy career in Pensacola, commanding a survival school there. Stafford, who had studied at St. John’s College in Annapolis and at Washington College before returning to active duty, finished his college degree in sociological disciplines at the University of West Pensacola.

  • Stevens, David E. ’65, Navy Pilot
  • Tilley, Douglas S. ’54, Navy
  • Topodas, Jonathan M. ’68, Army, Awarded Bronze Star
  • VanDerClock, Bob ’68, 1970-1971, Military Intelligence
  • Ware, Roderic B. ’54, Navy

Williams, Douglas ’65, Navy Reserve

During the summer of 1966, while working as a Systems Engineer for Long Island Lighting Company in Hicksville, NY, Doug enlisted in the U.S. Navy Flight Program and reported for training in Pensacola, FL in February 1967. Upon completion of Aviation Officer Candidate School in April 1967, he was commissioned an Ensign in the USNR.

In December of 1967, Doug graduated from flight training and received his Wings of Gold after which he began Fleet Replacement Training at Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA for duty involving flying the A-6 Intruder, a carrier-based, all-weather attack aircraft.

After completion of Replacement Air Group (RAG) training in September 1969, Doug reported to his first fleet squadron, Attack Squadron 75, as part of Carrier Air Wing Three (CVW-3) aboard the USS Saratoga (CVA-60).

After a two-year tour of duty in the fleet, Doug received orders back to the A-6 Replacement Training Squadron, VA-42 at NAS Oceana to become an instructor. Two and a half years later, he was rotated back to the fleet and was assigned to Attack Squadron 176, in Air Wing Six (CVW-6) aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42).

In the fall of 1975, Doug received orders to shore duty again and was assigned as Assistant Maintenance Officer of Medium Attack Wing One at Naval Air Station, Oceana. During this period of “builddown” after the Viet Nam War, he decided by the spring of 1977, to leave active duty and seek a new civilian career. To preserve his investment in an eleven year Navy career, he transfered to the Naval Air Reserve as a selected reservist and continued flying in the EA-6A with Electronic Warfare Squadron (VAQ) 209.

After four more years of flying and being promoted to the rank of Commander, Doug’s flying days were over. In 1983, he received orders to the staff of Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Atlantic (COMNAVAIRLANT) in Norfolk, Virginia, where he performed in various billets until being promoted to the rank of Captain in 1989.

Doug’s last reserve duty assignment was at Naval Air Reserve Norfolk where he performed inspections and leadership training of Naval Air Reserve units in the Norfolk area and at the Naval Reserve Air Station, Atlanta, GA. Doug’s Naval career ended in September 1994, when he retired after 27 years of service to the United States of America; an experience for which he feels both privileged and proud.

  • Williams, Marvin V. (Mike) Jr. ’73, Army

Cuban Missile Crisis/Bay of Pigs


Pace III, Benjamin Harrison ’61, Navy, L.T.J.G

Benjamin served on the USS Okinawa during the Cuban Missile Crisis and on the Admiral’s Staff of the Atlantic Fleet.

  • Gates ’59, MacLeod Douglass, Army

Lebanon, Granada, Panama (1984 - 1989)

  • Pfister, Jude M. M’93, Air Force

Gulf War/Desert Storm
(August 1990 – February 1991: 210 days)

  • Dudek, David FS
  • Emow, Gail A. ’78, Captain (ret 2010)
  • Fields, Lisa M’08, Merchant Marine

Gerstenecker, Charles S. M’95

Colonel Gerstenecker was assigned to the 305th Aerial Refueling Wing at Grissom AFB, Indiana. While at there, he participated in Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama and Operations DESERT STORM, NORTHERN WATCH and SOUTHERN WATCH in the Persian Gulf and qualified as an instructor pilot, special operations low-level aerial refueling/receiver pilot, and flight examiner. In 1993, Colonel Gerstenecker completed C-5 qualification and was assigned to the 436th Airlift Wing, at Dover AFB, Delaware. There he served as Chief of Squadron and Assistant Chief of Wing Standardization and Evaluation. In 1997, Colonel Gerstenecker was assigned to Camp Red Cloud, South Korea, where he served as the Theater Airlift Liaison Officer to the 2nd Infantry Division. In 1998, he completed C-9 qualification and was assigned to 76th Airlift Squadron at Ramstein AB, Germany where he served as Assistant Director of Operations, qualified as a C-9 instructor pilot, and participated in Operation ALLIED FORCE in Yugoslavia.

In 2000, he attended the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and after graduation was assigned to U.S Transportation Command, Scott AFB, Illinois, where he served as the Chief of Flight Scheduling for the Joint Operational Support Airlift Center. In 2004, he was assigned to Headquarters U.S. Southern Command, Miami, Florida, as the J5 Chief of the Joint Planning Group and the Executive Officer for the Strategy, Policy and Plans Directorate (J5). Colonel Gerstenecker attended the Joint Services Command College in Norfolk, Virginia, graduating in June 2006 and the Defense Language Institute for Intermediate Spanish in Monterey, California graduating in May 2007.

Jones, Bill ’88, Combat Support, Air Force

With nearly six years of active duty and three assignments (Andrews AFB, Incirlik CDI, and Clark AB) before attending WC and continuing to serve as a reservist with the DEANG while a student, I deployed with the 60th AES to Ramstein AB as an aeromedical technician (A90270), where I was engaged in the aeromedical evacuation of the wounded — initially working at the 316th AD ASF Ramstein, and later at the 2 AES Rhein Main AB. When not crewing missions across the Atlantic, I was re-configuring cargo aircraft for aeromedical missions. After DS, I remained a reservist with assignments at Plattsburgh AFB, Hanscom AFB, Andrews AFB, and a final Air Staff assignment with the Air Force Surgeon General’s Office (AF/SG3). All told 32 years service upon retirement.

Lincoln, Christine ’00, Air Force

During Operation Desert Storm Christine served in the United States Air Force as a Staff Sergeant. She was a radiology technician at Dover AFB Hospital and also provided mortuary support during the war.

Mires, Stephen Austin, ’71, Air Force

Colonel Stephen Austin Mires was graduated from USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training in Jan 1973. He then served tours worldwide as a T-38 instructor pilot, Air Operations Officer, F-111E instructor pilot and flight commander, staff officer and member of the Joint U.S. Military Aid Group, Greece. Colonel Mires was then reassigned for a second time to the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW), RAF Upper Heyford, UK flying the F-111E. He served as the 20th TFW Chief of Standardization and Evaluation; Operations Officer, 79th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS); and the Commander, 79th TFS.

Colonel Mires was deployed to Incirlik AB, Turkey during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm as the Commander 79th TFS and Detachment Commander 20th TFW in charge of more than 400 personnel and 20 plus F-111Es. Colonel Mires planned and led the first attacks of the Gulf War launched from Turkey against targets in Iraq. He designed the visual night recovery procedure that was used during the duration of the Gulf War for Incirlik AB’s single runway to expedite night recoveries of dozens of different aircraft. Colonel Mires led multiple attacks near the end of the war to highly-defended targets in the Baghdad area – a 1400 mile round trip flight. His highest award was to bring all personnel home safely.

Colonel Mires retired from active duty in 1997.

Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo (1993 - 1999)

Afghanistan (2001 - 2014)

  • Barnyak, Oliver ’09, Marine
  • Buck, Daniel ’02
  • Brewen, Marc ’93, Lieutenant Commander, Navy (also served in Iraq)
  • Johnson Jr., Eric B. ’99, Major, Air Force, USAF, MSC, MPSA, CPS
  • Larsen, Ken, ’77, ER physician
  • Schelberg, James ’11, Marine
  • Vallanadu, Vignesh V. ’17, Corporal, Army Infantry
  • Weisbrod, Allison ’02 Navy Surgeon

Iraq (2003 - 2011)

  • Bahus, Julian ’03, Naval Intel Officer
  • Barnyak, Oliver ’09, Marine
  • Brewen, Marc ’93, Lieutenant Commander, Navy (also served in Afghanistan)
  • Buchheister, Chris ’85, Navy
  • Cornelius, Akil ’01, Army
  • Dietrich, Stephen Donald ’08, Specialist, Army
  • Davis, Vernon, Current Student, Army
  • Dodsworth, Freeman ’82, Captain, USNR (ret)
  • Gooding, Darrin ’13, Army
  • Greely, Ted, Marine Corps Officer
  • Grigg, Charles ’10, Marine Corps
  • Ritzler, Jacob ’01, Army
  • Rothwell, Jeremy ’09, National Guard
  • Schelberg, James ’11, Marine
  • Weisbrod, Allison ’02, Surgeon, Navy

Global War on Terror (2001 - )

  • Burton, Jonathan ’76, Coast Guard, Captain