Please see our more extensive FAQ on the main coronavirus update page.

Questions and answers from and for alumni:

Is the College ready to make this shift? What additional resources will you need to teach students online?

We’re confident that WC’s faculty and staff have the equipment and preparation they need to make the fall semester a success. In the spring, however, the College needed to rush equipment and needed resources to students, and we anticipate similar needs for the fall semester. Alumni and friends of the College who want to help cover the array of expenses resulting from this necessary change to the fall semester are encouraged to donate through The Washington Fund.


Do you expect to lose students because of this decision?

Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and the greater Chestertown community. We care deeply about each and every one in our community, and intend to educate our students with all commitment to their well-being. We know some students may choose to defer their enrollment because of this decision, but we are confident that WC’s underlying value proposition will attract and retain great students. Many other schools are making the same decision, so students will find a similar learning landscape at a host of schools nationwide.


Why is the College making this decision before hiring a new president?

This decision was made by the College’s Board of Visitors & Governors, in close consultation with President Landgraf and the WC faculty and staff. It is a direct response to the worsening coronavirus situation in Maryland and across the nation, and a different president wouldn’t change that.


How can we help? 

Gifts to The Washington Fund will help the College offset the challenges our students and the College will face. You may give online or give in other ways that work best for you.

You can also help to share accurate information across your personal networks. For instance, this decision is for the fall semester only, and we intend at this point to welcome students safely back to campus in the spring. Your championing the College with your voice can go a long way toward sustaining confidence and pride in our alma mater during this challenging time.