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Chapter Toolbox

Chapters are regions where groups of alumni gather together to celebrate their connection to Washington College. Chapter Leaders should use the resources provided on this page to plan, promote, and evaluate events.

Event Planning Tips

New to event planning? Want a quick refresher? These tips are handy no matter your level of experience. Let us know if there’s something we missed!

Event Planning Timeline

WC understands that events can develop spontaneously or in response to an alum’s offer to host or coordinate. Even if it’s impossible to adhere to the suggested time frame, this document provides a good outline of things to think about as your event takes shape.

Event Planning Form

This form is a great resource to keep yourself organized, communicate with your WC staff liaison, and set your plan in motion. You’ll even get a copy for your records.

Fresh Event Ideas

Spice it up! Try something new.

Event Synopsis Form

One stop shopping: submit all your event feedback, copies of receipts, pictures, attendance lists. Your data ensures WC’s events get better every time!