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Chapter Leadership

Alumni fill roles big and small in making everything their chapter does a success.

image Annapolis, MD

Kristen Van Eron O’Neil ’01, Chair

image Baltimore, MD

Tori Weitzel ’09, Co-Chair
Trey Weitzel ’10, Co-Chair

Ben McGann ’05, Co-Chair

image Kent & Queen Anne Counties, MD

Deeann Pinczok Jones ’92, Co-Chair
Charles Waesche ’53, Co-Chair

image New England

Carolyn Choate-Turnbull ’80, Co-Chair
Loretta West ’72, Co-Chair

image New York City

Rob Roan ’01, Co-Chair
Liz Hoff ’09, Co-Chair

image Philadelphia, PA

Wayles Wilson ’03Co-Chair

SW Florida

Margaret Goldstein Janney ’76, Co-Chair
Ellen Green Reilly ’59, Co-Chair

image Talbot County, MD

Mark Pellerin ’75, Co-Chair
Kari Rider ’04, Co-Chair

image Washington, DC

Antoine Jordan ’12, Co-Chair
Jackie Olt ’08, Co-Chair

image Wilmington, DE

Paula DeStefano ’95, Co-Chair
Natalie Guiberson Gentry ’94, Co-Chair
Tony Lazzaro ’87, Facebook Admin