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    Alumni Board

    From among the ranks of our most dedicated alumni, Alumni Board members serve as advisers to the College staff and as a channel of communication with alumni. Each Alumni Board member is elected to serve as chair or co-chair of a committee in an area that is important to alumni and the College.


    Suzanne Hewes '91, chair
    Glen Beebe '81
    Rob Billings '14
    Phyllis Oddoye Bull '98
    Suzanne Fischer-Huettner '95
    Latoya Gatewood-Young '11
    Natalie Guiberson Gentry '94
    Mark Henckel '76
    Darius Johnson '15
    Charles Logan '16
    Pat McMenamin '87 P'16
    Lindsay Haislip Mehta '13
    Brett Nicholson'14
    Rob Page '01
    Eddie Raleigh '08
    Jen Svehla '03, vice chair


    Keep in touch

    If you would like to contact a member of your Alumni Board, please contact Advancement and Alumni Relations, and we will be glad to put you in touch with the appropriate Alumni Board member.