President’s Work Group

Together with the President, Chief of Staff and Director of Alumni and Constituent Engagement, the President’s Work Group will assess the current engagement of Alumni and create a plan to support meaningful and long-lasting relationships.  The five year plan will include goals, objectives and measures of success for 2019 through 2023.


Addressing engagement challenges for the College will be the primary purpose of the President’s Work Group.


Members of the President’s Work Group will be appointed based upon their ability to meet the challenge for the year.  During the first year, membership would include Alumni only.  During Year 2, membership will include both Alumni and Parents representatives.  The number of members of the President’s Work group at any time shall not exceed twelve.

Term Limits

The President’s Work Group will be asked to serve for one full year, and attend three on campus meetings.  Transitioning membership on an annual basis will allow for fresh new ideas and greater engagement by more Alumni and Parents.



Members for 2018-2019

Elise Conway ’08
Victor DeSantis ’86 P’16 ’22
Connor Harrison’15
Darius Johnson ’15
Stephan Jordan ’12
Nick Larkin ’07
Roberta (Necker) Lien ’02
Rodney Oddoye ’01
Arian Ravanbakhsh ’89, Alumni Board representative
Pete Shafer ’86
Kate Pynn VanName ’91
Tony Wiseman ’73