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Looking for financial aid information? Admissions statistics? Campus Life contacts? Program offerings? We’ve got you covered.

Congratulations, future Shoreman parents! Your son or daughter’s acceptance to WC is an amazing thing and you should be very proud! We realize that you’ll have many, many questions and items to consider so we’ve packaged them for you here. Additional questions? Give us a call at 410-778-7700.

Pages deeper in the site that provide details can be up to 500 words. If you have a very text-heavy, informational page, use friendly headers to guide readers all the way to the bottom—or consider breaking the information out onto additional pages.

Headers (like this one)

Heavy blocks of text are hard to read. And important facts can get lost along the way. Along with short paragraphs, headings help web readers find their place and absorb information more quickly. As a general rule, there ought to be a heading for every 125 or so words. As you can see from this page, using them more often works too.