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Want to go behind the scenes with our student ambassadors, a.k.a George’s Generals?

Our General Admission Vloggers share their real-life experiences after the tours are over. From WACappella rehearsals to spa nights in the dorms, you get to see what it is like to be a Washington College student. Follow along by subscribing to your favorite General and receive updates in your email inbox.*

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  • patrickPatrick Salerno
    Class of 2021
    Hometown : Putnam County, New York
    Majors: Theater and Philosophy
    Minors: Music and Anthropology
    Favorite Class : Intro to Directing
    Favorite Food : A milkshake and cheeseburger

  • jillianJillian Horaneck
    Class of 2020
    Hometown: Annapolis, MD
    Majors: Political Science and Communications and Media Studies, concentration in arts and production
    Minor: Music
    Favorite Class: Rock, Pop, and American Culture
    Favorite Food: Tuna melts!

  • katieKatie Ecoff
    Class of 2021
    Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
    Majors: Biology and Psychology, concentration in behavioral neuroscience
    Favorite Class: Spring semester of general biology. Dr. Krochmal was super passionate about biology and teaching so he really focused on making the class about the students and us succeeding.
    Favorite Food: Mexican style seafood

  • zoeZoe Greer
    Class of 2020
    Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
    Major: Biology, Pre-Nursing Track
    Favorite Class: Microbiology
    Favorite Food: Cheesecake

  • AllieAlex Lee
    Class of 2020
    Hometown: Springfield, Pennsylvania
    Major: Biology, Pre-Med Track
    Favorite class: General Biology
    Favorite food: Cheesesteaks or Sushi

  • kellyKelly Young
    Class of 2020
    Hometown: Severna Park, Maryland
    Majors: Human Development and Theatre
    Favorite Class: Psychopathology
    Favorite Food: Strawberries or Pineapple

  • emilyEmily Kreider
    Class of 2020

    Hometown: Manheim, Pennsylvania
    Major: Communications and Media Studies, concentration in identity and culture
    Minors: English and Creative Writing
    Favorite Class: Communication Methods with Dr. Kozma
    Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

  • davidDavid Pitts
    Class of 2019
    Hometown: Burtonsville, Maryland
    Major: Biology
    Minors: Chemistry and Public Health
    Favorite Class: Organic Chemistry
    Favorite food: Chicken parmesan