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Cody Bistline ’19 

Housing Options Post

“Housing here at WAC is pretty great! Between our new housing software that makes housing and roommate selection easier and the fact that we have awesome RAs who care about the students and hold events to educate and entertain, there’s a lot to love!…Read More…


Tamia Williams ’21

“Hey everyone! Guess what?? I had a great Birthday Ball event. With the “Journey to Atlantis” theme, of course I wore a blue dress. But it was a lot of fun! I got to dance with my friends and take plenty of pictures. There was also food, like cheeses, cracker, fruit, crab dip, and meatballs. For all of you who are definitely coming to Washington College, I hope you enjoy your first Birthday Ball, like I did.Read More… 


Caitlyn Creasy ’20

“So here at Washington College we are so fortunate to have such amazing outlets of student support on our campus. These include the Office of Academic Skills, The Writing Center, The Quantitative Skills Center, Health Services, The Counseling Center, and more!

I’ve personally had many of experiences with these offices but one in particular is when I needed to use The Office of Academic Skills for the first time…” Read More…

Student Bloggers

What’s it like to be a student at WAC? What will my residence hall look like? Will I like my roommate? How will I stay on top of classes and clubs? What clubs can I join? What can I do on the weekends?

Get the answers to these questions and more by reading these student blogs! First-year, sophomore, and junior students post regularly to share their lives with you. 

Feel free to ask them individual questions via the blogs, but if you have a burning question you want answered now, send us an email at  and we’ll answer the same day!

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  • MacKenzie Brady ’21

    Baltimore, MD/Kenwood HS
    Major: English, Art
    Minor: Creative Writing

    Only in her freshman year, MacKenzie, a double major in English and Art, has already dove head-first into life at Washington College. From being a photographer for the student newspaper, The Elm, to being the Vice President of the Ping Pong club, she’s not having a problem finding where she fits in. 

    Follow her blog, “Silly-Goose,” to see what fun you can have as a Washington College Goose.

  • Caitlyn Creasy ’20

    Greensboro, MD/North Caroline HS
    Major: Economics/Business

    Minor: Dance

    As a part of Habitat for Humanity, a member of the Service Council on campus, and a sister of AXO, Caitlyn is all about service to her school and her community.  From service and dance to economics and business, her fun-loving attitude follows her around everywhere she goes.

    Check out her blog, “WACadoodledo” to see how she expertly balances college and community.

  • Hannah Foster ’19

    Brewster, NY/Brewster HS
    Major: International Studies & Anthropology
    Minor: Chinese & Spanish

    Study Abroad Blogger in Beijing, China.

    Hannah spent a year in Malaysia during high school, which inspired her choice in major- international studies. It also means that she was bit by the travel bug early, and is now in her third semester study abroad, this time in China. She is also a Chinese and Spanish minor, an International Student Guide, and a tutor at the Writing Center.

    She epitomizes WAC’s motto of “unhurried conversations” with her blog, “Teacups and Textbooks.”

  • Kellen Hanley ’21

    Davenport, FL/Lake Highland Prep
    Major: Biology, Psychology
    Concentration: Behavioral Neuroscience

    Knowing that she wanted to study Neuroscience and Biology since she was young, Kellen came to Washington College ready to study and work hard. Between all of the amazing opportunities available for scientific research as an undergrad and always passing by a friendly face while walking to class, she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

    Kellen is bringing the Florida sun to Maryland in her blog, “Posts of Sunshine.”

  • Jillian Kral ’19

    Clarksville, MD/River Hill HS
    Major: French & Business

    Study Abroad Blogger in St. Andrews, Scotland.

    Jillian’s knack for fashion and photography is not all her light-hearted blog has to offer. A sister of Alpha Omicron Pi and French and Business double major, Jill has a diverse college experience at Washington College.

    Check out the fun surprises of Chestertown, WAC, and the world from the eyes of this Junior student in her blog “Willful Fox.”

  • Natalie Mansfield ’21

    Bethesda, MD/Bethesda Chevy-Chase HS
    Major: Communications and Media Studies
    Minor: Mathematics/Secondary Education

    During her first visit to campus, she felt right at home in with the small class sizes and liberal arts education. She’s still not completely decided what she wants to study, but she knows that the quaint and personal learning environment here is just what she needs to figure it out.

    Check out this cool cat’s blog, “Natcat at WAC“ as she conquers freshman year.

  • Will Rotsch ’21

    Wilmington, DE/Salesianum
    Major: Economics, Computer Science
    Minor: Theater, Information Systems

    Never missing a beat, Will is ready to conquer his freshman year. From his first Drama Draft auditions to learning a new (computer) language, his college experience is living up to the liberal arts education. His excitement for all things new is contagious, so check out his freshman year playlist to see WAC through his eyes.

    Listen in on his College Experience on his blog, “The WAC Soundtrack.

  • Jacklyn Russo ’21

    Great Meadows, NJ/Hackettstown HS
    Major: Communication and Media Studies
    Minor: Marketing

    From wanting to be more than just a face in the crowd to the creation of a new Communications and Media Studies major, Jacklyn knew that Washington College was the place for her. Already working for the student newspaper, The Elm, and for the Student Events Board, she has found no shortage of ways to get involved and find her place on campus.

    Tune into “The Goose Network” and learn more about all of Jacklyn’s endeavors.

  • Tamia Williams ’21

    Millsboro, DE/Sussex Central High
    Major: English
    Minor: Creative Writing

    Within the first weeks of being at Washington College, Tamia already felt like she had found another family. An avid reader and writer, she quickly found her home in the English department and jumped right in while attending writing workshops and joining the writer’s union. Between all of that, she also is a presidential fellow and a member of Cleopatra’s Sisters, so she always has something to do.

    Learn more about her college life on her blog, “Tam-Tam takes WAC

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