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Caitlyn Creasy ’20

Caitlyn -- Habitat for Humanity

“As some of you may (or may not) know, I’m in my junior year here at Washington College! When I started here, I got involved in a few clubs almost immediately. There were two main reasons for this - 1. I didn’t want to be alone, and I wanted to find a core group of friends 2. WAC has so many options for ways to get involved, it’s hard to choose just one or two!

Before classes even started, I knew I wanted to join Habitat for Humanity because I already had a few friends in the club and I thought it would help me get out of my comfort zone and to give back to the community. Over the past two years I have gotten a lot out of the club. Most of my friends are involved in the club, and now I am even the Vice President!Read More…


Sabrina Jenkins ’19

“My field hockey team just departed Chestertown to travel out to our double header this weekend in Central PA! We play Gettysburg College at 1:00 on Saturday, and York College at 2:00 on Sunday. Gettysburg is our first in conference game, while York is still an out of conference match-up…Read More… 


Julia Fuchs ’22

Minta Martin -- First Year Residence Hall

“I am currently living in Minta Martin, which is near where the other Freshman dorms are. I personally like it a lot, the outside aesthetic is something else. It reminds me of the wonderful history of the school and makes great photos!

I also love my floor, everyone I’ve met living here is so friendly. My RA is very cool too, last week her and some girls on my floor hung out and watched American Horror Story together! My RA also is the President of the Best Buddies Club, which in my eyes makes her awesome.”  Read More…

Student Bloggers

What’s it like to be a student at WAC? What will my residence hall look like? Will I like my roommate? How will I stay on top of classes and clubs? What clubs can I join? What can I do on the weekends?

Get the answers to these questions and more by reading these student blogs! First-year, sophomore, and junior students post regularly to share their lives with you. 

Feel free to ask them individual questions via the blogs, but if you have a burning question you want answered now, send us an email at  and we’ll answer the same day!

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  • Carlee Berkenkemper ’22

    Baltimore, MD/Eastern Technical HS - Teacher Academy of Maryland
    Major: English, Environmental Studies
    Minor: Creative Writing

    Between the Lit House and Center for Environment and Society (CES), Carlee knew that Washington College had everything she needed for her interests in English and the Environment. With that combination of majors, she is truly experiencing WC both inside and outside the classroom.

    Her blog, “WAC-tastic,” explores life at WC from all angles, and places!

  • MacKenzie Brady ’21

    Baltimore, MD/Kenwood HS
    Major: English, Art
    Minor: Creative Writing

    MacKenzie, a double major in English and Art, dove head-first into life at Washington College. From being the photography editor for the student newspaper, The Elm, to being the Vice President of the Ping Pong club, she’s not having a problem finding where she fits in. 

    Follow her blog, “Silly-Goose,” to see what fun you can have as a Washington College Goose.

  • Caitlyn Creasy ’20

    Greensboro, MD/North Caroline HS
    Major: Business, Communications
    Minor: Dance

    As a part of Habitat for Humanity, a member of the Service Council on campus, and a sister of AXO, Caitlyn is all about service to her school and her community.  From service and dance to economics and business, her fun-loving attitude follows her around everywhere she goes.

    Check out her blog, “WACadoodledo” to see how she expertly balances college and community.

  • Melissa DeFrancesco ’22

    Rutherford, NJ/Immaculate Conception HS
    Major: Environmental Studies and Communications

    Melissa is a fan of mystery novels, outdoor adventures, and protecting the environment (and ice cream, of course). With Washington College’s prime location on the Chester River and close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, she knew that this was the perfect place for her to connect with the world around her.

    Keep up with this Busy Bee on her blog, “Adventures of a Busy Bee.”

  • Hannah Foster ’19

    Brewster, NY/Brewster HS
    Major: International Studies, Anthropology
    Minor: Asian Studies, Ethnomusicology 

    Hannah was bitten by the travel bug early after spending a year in Malaysia during high school, and has studied abroad for three semesters while at WC– twice in the Netherlands, and once in Beijing, China. Now that she’s back on campus, you can find her tutoring in the Writing Center, practicing her music, or being an International Student guide.

    She epitomizes WAC’s motto of “unhurried conversations” with her blog, “Teacups and Textbooks.”

  • Julia Fuchs ’22

    Middletown, NJ/Middletown HS North
    Major: History

    After learning about the Starr Center for the American Experience here at WC, Julia quickly knew that Washington College was the perfect place to pursue her passion for all things history. From joining the History Society and being a Starr Center research intern, to joining the Best Buddies club, she quickly found her place at WC.

    Take a look at WC through Julia’s eyes in her blog, “The Golden Goose.”

  • Sabrina Jenkins ’19

    Annapolis, MD/Annapolis HS
    Major: Biology
    Minor: Chemistry, Asian Studies

    When she’s not on the field with her Field Hockey teammates, she’s probably busy somewhere else around campus. Between being in multiple honor societies, a member of the Cater Society of Junior Fellows, and tutoring for the Office of Academic Skills, she truly exhibits the passion and dedication of our Student-Athletes in both Athletics and Academics.

    Stick with Sabrina as she takes her “Last Lap” at WC, both on and off the field.

  • Erin Jesionowski ’22

    Bucks County, PA/Nazareth Academy HS
    Major: Communications and Media Studies
    Minor: English

    Coming to Washington College, Erin knew that she wanted to major in Communications. She’s excited to jump into Media and Communications through writing for The Elm student newspaper, and she’s also getting a full college experience through her interests in rowing and intramural sports.

    Get her take on WC on her aptly named blog, “The Girl with the Blonde Curly Hair.

  • Jillian Kral ’19

    Clarksville, MD/River Hill HS
    Major: French & Business

    Jillian’s knack for fashion and photography is not all her light-hearted blog has to offer. A sister of Alpha Omicron Pi and French and Business double major, Jill has has a diverse college experience at Washington College and abroad after spending Junior year in Grenoble, France and St. Andrews, Scotland.

    Check out the fun surprises of Chestertown, WAC, and the world from the eyes of this Junior student in her blog “Willful Fox.”

  • Natalie Mansfield ’21

    Bethesda, MD/Bethesda Chevy-Chase HS
    Major: Communications and Media Studies
    Minor: Mathematics/Secondary Education

    During her first visit to campus, she felt right at home in with the small class sizes and liberal arts education. Coming to WC undecided on her major, she began to find her passion as she took more classes and talked to professors.

    Check out this cool cat’s blog, “Natcat at WAC“ as she conquers sophomore year.

  • Jessie Ngo ’21

    Pinellas Park, FL/Palm Harbor University HS
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Biology, Public Health

    A city girl at heart, Jessie fell in love with Chestertown at first visit and decided that the 1000 mile journey up from her home in Florida was well worth it. Since then, she’s joined the varsity Sailing team, had tea at the British Embassy, and became a Toll Lab assistant, all with going to med school in her sights.

    Sail through Sophomore year in her blog, “WAC and Wanderlust.

  • Will Rotsch ’21

    Wilmington, DE/Salesianum
    Major: Economics, Computer Science
    Minor: Theater, Information Systems

    Never missing a beat, Will is ready to conquer his Sophomore year. From Drama Draft auditions to learning a new (computer) language and singing with WACappella, his college experience is living up to the liberal arts education. His excitement for all things new is contagious, so check out his playlist to see WAC through his eyes.

    Listen in on his College Experience on his blog, “The WAC Soundtrack.

  • Tamia Williams ’21

    Millsboro, DE/Sussex Central High
    Major: English
    Minor: Creative Writing

    Within the first weeks of being at Washington College, Tamia already felt like she had found another family. An avid reader and writer, she quickly found her home in the English department and jumped right in while attending writing workshops and joining the writer’s union. Between all of that, she also is a presidential fellow and a member of Cleopatra’s Sisters, so she always has something to do.

    Learn more about her college life on her blog, “Tam-Tam takes WAC

  • Holly Williams ’22

    Rehoboth Beach, DE/Sussex Central High
    Major: History and Philosophy/Pre-Law track

    In her own words, “WAC has struck a perfect balancing act as a little school with a global focus.” From colonial-brick buildings, to a parking spot with her name on it, Washington College took Holly by surprise and quickly became the place she knew she wanted to call home. 

    Find joy in the little things in Holly’s blog, “Going Goose.

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