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Next Steps

From admitted students events to choosing classes, there's a lot to keep up to date with. This page has it all in one place (so does your Next Steps Folder, hang onto that for all four booklets!).

Booklet One: Exploring and Enrolling

Congratulations, you're admitted! Throw your confetti in the air and celebrate! 


Claim Your Self Service Account

We hope you will be joining us as one of the newest members of Goose Nation, but in the meantime, let's start things off by claiming your temporary Self-Service Account. By now, you should have received an email from the Office of Information and Technology with instructions on how to claim your temporary Self-Service Account. You will also receive paper copies in the mail. 

Your temporary Self-Service Account will allow you access to view:

  • Your financial aid award
  • Information about what may be missing for us to complete your file 

If you have not received either an email or a letter, please contact: The email will contain your College issued ID number. You’ll need this to set up your account. We’ve provided space in the hard copy booklet for you to write them down as a reference.

campus tour

Step One: Explore Washington College

As an admitted student to WC, you have so much to look forward to! From exclusive events (trivia, anyone?) to daily visits, to our video library, there is a world of opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of Washington College. 

Daily Visits

Whether you are planning your first or fifth visit, Washington College believes that you can never visit too much. Each visit—virtual or in person—allows you the opportunity to take away new experiences and connections.

Plan your visit

Attend an Admitted Students Event

From faculty meet-and-greets to alumni panels, WC offers an array of opportunities for you to envision yourself as a member of Goose Nation and to connect with your fellow admitted students. One of our favorite events of the year is Admitted Students Day, our spring open house exclusively for admitted students!  We’ll make sure you receive an invitation to each of our special events, but you can also access our upcoming events at

Use Your Resources

We’ve put them all in one place for you! is your hub for staying up to date on upcoming events, next steps, and important dates. If you have questions during your next steps as an admitted student reach out to your admissions counselor! 

Find my counselor

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Step Two: Pay your Deposit and Enroll

Ok, you’re admitted, you have a temporary Self-Service Account, you’ve set your sights on WC, and now it is time to officially enroll! 

The first step is to pay your enrollment ($700) deposit. This will allow you to access your student email account, sign up for Orientation Explore!, and complete all of the necessary paperwork. 

There are three ways to pay: 

  • Call 410-778-7700. We can take your credit card over the phone.
  • Mail a check in the amount of $700 to:
Office of Admissions 
300 Washington Avenue 
Chestertown, MD 21620 

You will also complete your “Commit to Enroll” form at This is the Admissions Student Portal. You will use the same credentials to login here that you used to apply to Washington College. 

Having trouble logging in? Email for assistance.

Please note: You are considered “enrolled” the following day (24 hours) after payment is received.

Hooray, you are officially a member of Goose Nation!


Step Three: Check your Account Access

Now that you are enrolled, be on the lookout for an email from the Office of Information and Technology containing your permanent Washington College credentials. These credentials will be used to access many secure online services associated with WC, such as your WC email, Canvas, and Self Service using Single Sign-On (SSO). This email will also have instructions for claiming your WC Account, in case you have not done so already. If you claimed your temporary account using the instructions under Claim Your Self Service Account, the information from your temporary account will automatically transfer over to your WC Account and you do not need to reclaim your account.

To ensure that you do not miss out on any important information, you will want to check your account access by logging into your Washington College email. 

Login Now

If you run into any trouble using your SSO please contact Washington College’s Help Desk at or 410-778-7777.

We recognize that your chosen name may differ from your legal name. If you have a name that you would prefer us to associate with your SSO and use on class rosters, please share it with us through the Chosen Name and Pronoun(s) Form. 

The Chosen Name and Pronoun(s) Form is optional to complete. If your chosen name differs from your legal name we invite you to complete the form, however the form is not required to complete your enrollment to Washington College. 

Chosen Name Form

Booklet Two: Getting Started with Orientation


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Online Orientation


While the traditional orientation process will take place in August, we want to connect you to campus in a way that allows you to control the flow of information at your own pace. Washington College’s Student Welcome Online Orientation uses a blend of videos, text, quizzes, checklists, and rewards to engage and inspire you to learn more continually. This experience provides you with the resources that you need in a format that is easily accessible and will allow you the freedom to explore at a time that is convenient for you! This online orientation and your personal commitment to follow the Honor Code must be completed before August 9th, 2021.

two girls in cream cardigans walking excitedly

Welcome! March Orientation Explore! Update

Our Orientation Explore! Programs offer an exciting start to your first year at Washington College. Each program provides the opportunity to learn more about leadership skills, getting involved on campus, all while giving you a chance to meet other students with similar interests.

Like many things COVID-19 is impacting these two activities. We are in the process of modifying our new student orientation and Explore! Programs to ensure a safe introduction to the Washington College community.

For the Fall 2021, we are planning an in-person 3-4 day experience that will ensure students have the necessary information to support a positive college experience. Upon arrival, students will be linked with meet up with their assigned peer mentors. All incoming students are required to participate in orientation which includes fun and educational experiences. Our focus will include learning about their new environment, building relationships, participation in key developmental topics to ensure successful transition to campus, and readying for their academic experience. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for an Explore! program that will be extended through the fall term that have been historically covered in the first few days of student's arrival on-campus. We anticipate beginning New Student Orientation beginning August 23 on our Zero Waste Move-in Day.

student with gus

Step One: Who is my Peer Mentor?

Coming to a new place can be difficult, but the Peer Mentor Program is here to make your transition to Washington College easier than you could have imagined!

Not everyone can be a Peer Mentor, but those who are selected love what they do. Their job is to help new students not only find their way to classes, but find their way at Washington College altogether.

Every new student is assigned to a Peer Mentor group, led by one of our outstanding Peer Mentors. Your Peer Mentor will contact you by e-mail to schedule a Zoom call in the summer, before classes begin to introduce themselves. Once you get on Zoom, you, your Peer Mentor, and your Peer Mentor group will go through orientation together to prepare you for your transition from high school to college life. By the end, we promise you will feel more than ready to start your Washington College career!

Peer Mentor groups generally consist of 8-15 new students and their Peer Mentor. For those of you who are starting Washington College in the fall, your Peer Mentor group will be your classmates in your first-year seminar. This means that on your first day of class, you will already have some familiar faces, which allows you to start your academic journey with a solid foundation.

Luckily, your Peer Mentor’s work is not yet done once your classes begin. Throughout the entire year, your Peer Mentor will continue to meet with your group and you, individually, to make sure that your transition is smooth and complete. They will remind you about postorientation events and other programs for first-year students. They may also draw your attention to interesting lectures, concerts, open mic nights, and many other traditions and events at Washington College. It is your Peer Mentor’s utmost responsibility and promise to continue to check in with you to make sure that all remains comfortable and successful. For many of you, you will find that your Peer Mentor becomes a valued friend and guide for your entire four years at Washington College.

Don’t be shy to say "Hi!" when you see your Peer Mentor in a class with you or just around campus!

generals in masks taking a selfie

Step Two: Connect on Social Media

Washington College students typically connect with each other on Facebook before Orientation begins. As a member of the Facebook group you will be able to introduce yourself, find potential roommates, meet classmates, receive reminders about due dates and events, and more!

Join the Group

Booklet Three: Preparing for Advising Day "Bird's Eye View"

We’re halfway there!

You are about to embark on one of the most exciting days with Goose Nation where your college journey may start to feel real, if it hasn’t already. This guide will walk you through choosing classes, filling out forms, and all that super-official college kid stuff. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

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Step One: "Take a Gander" at Washington College

Our Bird’s Eye View days will take place over the month of June!

Bird’s Eye View is your big picture look at beginning your Washington College career. This event will introduce you to college academics, the College’s co-curricular programs, and other resources. You’ll hear from College faculty and staff, meeting representatives from key offices, such as Residential Life, Athletics, Career Development, Health Services, Counseling Services, Intercultural Affairs, and the Academic Resource offices.

You will also meet with an academic advisor for summer advising where you will schedule your fall classes. And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to engage with your peers and current students! Parents will have sessions available on life outside of the classroom, career development services, the transition to college academics, and more.


Why must I attend?

The transition to college is an exciting time in your life. Bird’s Eye View is an opportunity for you and your family to become better acquainted with Washington College. Your most important tasks during Bird’s Eye View are connecting with other first-year students, a starting point for many WC friendships, as well as becoming more familiar with the incredible experience you will have at Washington College. You will also sign up for classes and work one on one with our amazing faculty members.

When can I register?

Registration for the Bird’s Eye View will open Wednesday, May 5, 2021. You can change your registrations any time from May 5 at 9 a.m. to May 31 at 4 p.m.

How do I register?

Register Now

What should I do to prepare for Bird’s Eye View?

1. Complete the Financial Responsibility Form

Students receive bills and statements online and get a monthly email reminder about their statement at their email address. Complete the required Financial Responsibility Form in order to add at least one additional email address for someone who will also receive an email alert that the bill is available for viewing/printing. You will not be allowed to register for Fall 2021 classes unless you have completed the Financial Responsibility Form.

2. Take the Foreign Language Placement Survey and Math Placement Exam

These exams open on May 5 and you must complete both by June 14. You will not be allowed to register for Fall 2021 classes unless you have taken the Math Placement Exam and either takening the Foreign Language Placement Survey & Exam or indicated why you should be exempt.

3. Review the information at under Academic Success, where you will find:
  • Suggestions for how to balance your course load.
  • Information about academic resources on campus.
  • Explanation of the first-year seminar program.
4. Complete your Course Selection Worksheet:

 Please bring the worksheet with you to your advising appointment with your summer academic advisor, who will help you register for your Fall 2021 courses.

Download Worksheet

We recommend exploring our course catalog while filling out your Course Selection Worksheet. The catalog is a robust document that lists college policies, academic requirements, and courses offered throughout the academic year. Please take notes on the courses and majors you are interested in to save time if you need to reference back to anything, this will also be helpful information for your Summer Advisor during your advising appointment. Many students try to strike a balance of general requirements and potential-major courses during their first semester. In addition to the Course Catalog you can view major requirements and courses on many departments’ web pages, which are accessible under “Academics @ WAC”. 



girls in visitor center

Step Two: Take Placement Exam

Please Note:

The Language Placement Test is not compatible with iPhone devices or browser. Please use Chrome or Firefox browser to take the test.

Instructions for the Language Placement Survey & Exam

In order to register for classes, all students must complete the online language survey on Web Advisor. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Webadvisor

  2. With your username and password, log into WebAdvisor and click on the “Students” menu. DO NOT include “” when entering your ID

  3. Under “Miscellaneous options,” click on “Language Survey/Placement.”

  4. Read the instructions carefully and indicate (with a “yes” or “no”) whether you will need to take the placement exam.

You MUST take the placement exam if:

English is your first language and you have studied Chinese, French, Spanish or German.

You should NOT take the exam if:

a) English is not your first language.

b) You have studied a foreign language other than Chinese, French, Spanish or German.

c) You have never studied a foreign language.


If you select “no,” you will be asked to complete a survey about your language experience. Please answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge.

If you select “yes,” please follow these instructions:
Taking the Placement Exam (Chinese, French, German or Spanish).

Taking the Placement Exam (Chinese, French, German or Spanish)
  1. Read and acknowledge the Honor Code statement and click “Submit.” By clicking “Submit,” you promise to do your own work and your best work on the placement exam. Any attempt to manipulate the results of the exam (for instance, by giving purposefully wrong answers or by using outside sources to answer the questions) will be considered a violation of the Honor Code.

  2. On the “Honor Code Acknowledgment” page, copy down your student ID number:___________________________________

You will need it to take the placement exam.

  1. Click on “Continue to exam.”

  2. Log into Test Site with the following:

    First name
    Last name
    Full Washington College email: ex. Student ID number
    Enter the password “shoremen1”
    Select that you agree to the Privacy Policy

  3. Select the language to be tested.

  4. Begin the language background Pre-Test Survey and submit when finished.

  5. Once Pre-Test Survey is complete, click “Begin Test”.

  6. Once you finish the test, click “See Score Report”.

  7. At this point, results are recorded on your language test profile and you can log out.


It will take you from 5 to 35 minutes to complete the placement exam. The exam is a “smart test”; it offers a new question based on your previous response. For example, if you get a question right, the program will follow with a different question than if you were to get the same question wrong.

In some cases, the program decides on a placement level with just a few questions; in others, you may have to answer many questions before the program can determine your placement level.

For more details about the language requirement, please visit:

Instructions for the Math Placement Exam

In order to register for classes, students must complete the Math Placement Exam. The Math Placement Exam is administered through Canvas, WC’s online learning management system. Please follow the instructions below to get to the exam website in Canvas.

  1. Go to “WebAdvisor”.

  2. With your User ID and password log into WebAdvisor and click on the “Students” menu. DO NOT include “” when entering your ID.

  3. Under “Miscellaneous options,” click on “Math Placement Exam.”

  4. Read the page carefully and then continue to the Math Placement Exam website by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

  5. Now you will be asked to log in to Canvas. You need to log in with your Washington College email ID and password. DO NOT include “” when entering your ID.

Special Notes about the Math Placement Exam
  • All students must take the Math Placement Exam. There are two short exams. The website will explain if you have to take only one or both. Taking one or both depends on your anticipated area of study.

  • You must have “claimed” your Washington College email account before attempting to go to the Math Placement Exam website.

  • The first time you log in to Canvas for the Placement Exam, it will ask you to accept the course invitation. Make sure to “Accept” the invitation, which will take you to the Math Placement Exam.

  • You are welcome (and encouraged) to go to the website for the Placement Exam to read about the exam before you actually take it. This can be helpful if you are concerned about what topics are on the exam.

    If you have any questions please contact the Dean’s Office at or 410-778-7206.

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Step 3: Complete Housing and Dining Forms

Please complete the forms below by May 31, 2021

Your Washington College residence hall will truly be your home away from home; the on- campus living experience is one of the most rewarding aspects of your education. Directions for completing these forms are also available at

  • Click on WebAdvisor to sign-up for your housing and meal plan. Use your user ID and password that you use for your email account. DO NOT include “” when entering your ID.

  • Once you have logged into WebAdvisor, the link to the Housing Portal is on the lower right, “Housing and Meals Application and Information.” Use your user ID and password that you use for your WC email account.

  • After completing the Housing and Meals Application and Information forms, be sure to click on “Personal Information” and fill in the Addresses and Emergency Contacts form. Make sure the information is correct.

  • Your parent or guardian must complete the “Parent/Guardian Information Form” found on WebAdvisor.

    Helpful tips while filling out your forms:

Application: New Student Housing Preference

    • Make sure to enter your cell phone number!

Room Selection: Roommates/Suitemates.

    • If you know the first and last name of the person you wish to room with, this is where you submit their name.

Meal Plan: Select a meal plan.

    • Information about the meal plans is available here online at For questions regarding meal plans and dining on campus, please contact Dining Services at 410-778-7794 or

If you have questions as you complete your housing forms, visit Residential Life at for information about each hall, themed housing, resident assistants, and more.

For students who complete their housing forms by May 31,2021, we anticipate that housing assignments will be available on or around July 9, 2021.

Booklet Four: Joining the Flock

Congratulations! This booklet contains your final steps before arriving on campus. Inside you will find a lot of technical work, (like completing forms and online orientation) but also a lot of fun activities (like choosing classes and submitting your Student ID photo)!

girl near hodson

Step One: Complete Your Health Form

Health Services will mail you the Student Health Form and information about the online Health Insurance Waiver. The Student Health Form includes a section that your health care provider must complete. Please complete the Health Insurance Waiver or insurance enrollment form online and return the Student Health Form to Health Services by July 15, 2021.

The completed Student Health Form,, is required in order for you to check in to WC and move into your room. Students who haven’t completed the Student Health Form will not be allowed to move into their residence hall.

Download Form

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Step Two: Complete Your Summer To-Do Items

At Bird’s Eye View Day, we will go over several requirements that all new students must complete before classes start in August. These include:

EVERFI Online Coursework

At Washington College we are dedicated to setting you up for greater success both as a student and as a member of the community here and beyond. As such, Washington College has partnered with EVERFI, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills, such as alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, diversity and inclusion and mental well-being while at college. Washington College expects you to complete the following EVERFI courses: 

  • Sexual Assault Prevention 
  • Mental Well-being for Students
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • AlcoholEdu

This online education will cover topics that will help you to: 

  • Develop critical skills to make thoughtful and healthy choices outside the classroom
  • Reflect on your knowledge, attitudes, and experiences related to these issues
  • Support your peers and yourself when faced with tough situations

You will receive access to the courses after you claim your Washington College email account (see Booklet One for instructions). The coursework must be completed by August 15, 2021.


To log in to the course, please go to and click on Student Self-Service and navigate to “Student Planning”.

  • Click on “Student Planning” on the top navigation bar; this should release a dropdown list. Click on EVERFI Classrooms in the list.
  • You’ll be taken to the EVERFI website where you will select “Student” as your user type to begin. 
  • You will use your Washington College email address and password to log in.

If you have any questions, please contact

Focus 2

A comprehensive career guidance program from the Center for Career Development. Focus 2 is housed inside of Handshake, our comprehensive student career management system. You’ll use Handshake to register for events, workshops, make appointments, post your resume, search for internships and jobs, schedule interviews, and more. It is an important tool that you’ll need to use throughout all four years at WC. The deadline to complete your Focus 2 is Sunday, August 15, 2021.


  • Go to to access Handshake. (Handshake has an app for Android and iPhone!)
  • Click the blue “Single Sign On” button and enter your WC username (i.e.: jsmith2) and password. (It’s the same information you use to sign into email). Take time to complete your user profile as this will help Handshake’s analytics to refer appropriate content to you.
  • Once you arrive at your home page, go to the “Career Center” tab on the top toolbar to the right.
  • Select “Resources” from the drop down.
  • Click on the box titled “Focus 2”, and once it opens, click the link inside to the Focus 2 page.
  • Click the blue “Register” button at the bottom of the page to create your account.
  • Use the access code “shoremen” (all lowercase) and enter the remaining information.
  • Complete the Self-Assessment battery that consists of 5 mini-assessments (Work Interest, Personality, Leisure Interest, Skills and Values). All 5 assessments must be completed.
  • Once completed, results can be saved, downloaded and/or printed.
  • You can log back in later to manage your account, review results, retake assessments, and use other modules.

If you have questions or problems, contact the Career Center at or call (410) 778-7890.

Participate in Bird’s Eye View Day

Registration for Bird's Eye View closes on May 31, 2021 at 4pm. During Bird’s Eye View Day you will:

  • Complete a Summer Confidence Survey
  • Sign up for your WACAlerts account (our emergency notification system)
  • Register your car or bike before you bring them to campus this fall 
  • Speak to an advisor
  • Register for classes

New students who do not attend this virtual event in June must still complete the above requirements before arriving on campus in August. More information about Bird’s Eye View Day requirements can be found at

For a deeper look into Bird’s Eye View Day you can revisit Booklet Three: Preparing for Advising Day “Bird’s Eye View”.  There you will find tips for picking classes and everything you need to know to prepare for this important day.

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Step Three: Submit Your Student ID

All first-year students are required to submit a Student ID photo. You will use your Student ID to access your dorm room, swipe into the dining hall, access the gym, and more.

Student ID photos need to be submitted to Public Safety at by August 1, 2021. Your Student ID will be included in the student packet that you receive at check-in upon arrival to campus.

For the photo itself, we ask that you use a white background and are mindful of shadows. The photo needs to be a headshot, showing from mid-chest up and leaving space for us to crop if necessary. Please remove hats and non-prescription glasses. Do not provide action shots, photos with filters, or photos on anything other than a white background. Pictures should not be photoshopped in any way. Photos that do not meet these guidelines will be rejected and a new picture will need to be submitted.

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Step Four: Make a Payment

Payments are due by August 2, 2021

Please remember that you cannot attend classes or move-in until your health forms are submitted, and your bill has been paid or you have made arrangements for payment.

View Payment Options

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Step Five: Arrive and Move-in! 

Move-in Day is on Monday, August 23, 2021*

Get more details about our Zero Waste Move-In Day.

Do you have questions like: What size area rug should I buy? Can I bring a microwave? What size sheets should I bring? Visit our Residential Life site to answer all of your burning questions!

If your parent or guardian would like to stay overnight in the Chestertown area for Move-in Day, check out our listing of local accommodations.

*If you are a student-athlete, please contact your coach to determine your team’s move-in day.