Washington College


Liberal Arts & Sciences Day

February 29, 2020

Liberal Arts & Sciences Day is a day to celebrate the value of liberal arts. A liberal arts education allows you to try everything you’re interested in, so we’ve created a day here at Washington College where you can do just that!

Experience how easy it is to do you, do it all, and do it here! From student panels to professor-led info sessions, you can dive deep into your favorite subject, or dip your toes into each endless possibility available at WC. Experience the benefits of a liberal arts education in a day we’ve created for you to personalize your way. 

Choose from one of our four tracks to determine your Opening Session:

English & Creative Writing

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Business Management

Creative Arts

Attend 3 Breakout Sessions. At 30 minutes each, you will get a taste of the very best our departments have to offer. Pick three sessions in your favorite subject, or attend three subjects totally different from your track— it is all up to you! 

Liberal Arts & Sciences Day is a day for you to Do You. Learn about our academics, take a tour, meet current students and more! Come find out how you can do it all at WC, and graduate with a degree that is truly what you want it to be.

This event is intended for admitted students only.

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Check out the full Liberal Arts & Sciences Day schedule here and the sample breakout session schedule here