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Sustainable Finance Initiative


The interdisciplinary Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFI) at Washington College organizes a colloquy to help students understand, analyze, and evaluate the ethical, economic, historical, mathematical, and environmental issues associated with modern-day finance. A group of interested students meets on a regular basis to explore and discuss issues related to sustainable finance.  They are introduced to methodologies, ideas, and insights from different disciplines.

At the center of the colloquy is a series of mini-seminars.  Two mini-seminars are offered per semester.  Each seminar focuses on a different topic and methodology. It is guided by a faculty member and entails various readings and three meetings for discussion. In addition, the colloquy participants have access to a curated mini-library with additional reading suggestions, they meet with the visitors invited by the SFI, and travel once a year to visit an institution that deals with issues related to sustainable finance.

The colloquy is open to all students who are interested in topics related to sustainable finance and who commit to participate regularly in the events.

By participating in this colloquy, you can establish valuable connections and you demonstrate your interest in issues related to sustainable finance. This can help you to secure internship funding or a scholarship funding through the Sustainable Finance Initiative.

If you are interested in this colloquy, please contact Professor Mayer.