SCE Celebration

Keep Calm and Capstone.

The SCE Celebration Month is a new tradition at Washington College during which we will highlight our students’ Senior Capstone Experience, the culmination of their undergraduate studies.

Throughout the month of April, all are welcome to attend events such as poster symposiums, oral presentations, recitals, productions, and art exhibitions showcasing the Senior Capstone Experiences. Support your friends, get an idea of what goes into the SCE, and embrace other areas of the liberal arts!

  • Josh Samuels ’19 puts his mice through their paces on little treadmills.

    For his senior capstone project, Josh Samuels ’19, a double major in psychology and biology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience, investigates physical exercise as an organic relief for depression.

  • Kiran Pant ’18 has created some 3-D images of her proton beam study.
    For her senior capstone project, Kiran Pant ’18, a physics major headed to Duke University’s graduate program in medical physics, is simulating the behavior of a proton beam as it enters the body.
  • Sabrina Carroll presented her research at an undergraduate research conference held at Georgetown University in mid-April.

    For her senior capstone project, psychology major Sabrina Carroll ’18 surveyed students’ attitudes and perceptions of behavioral health on campus and conducted eight in-depth interviews. Her findings may help the College alleviate the stigma associated with psychological disorders and get more students the help they need.

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What amazing things will be revealed? Plan to support your Friends during the Senior Capstone Experience April of 2018!