SCE Celebration

Keep Calm and Capstone.

The SCE Celebration Month is a new tradition at Washington College during which we will highlight our students’ Senior Capstone Experience, the culmination of their undergraduate studies.

Throughout the month of April, all are welcome to attend events such as poster symposiums, oral presentations, recitals, productions, and art exhibitions showcasing the Senior Capstone Experiences. Support your friends, get an idea of what goes into the SCE, and embrace other areas of the liberal arts!

  • Audrey Utchen’s senior capstone project in business management, “Shift Happens: The Rise of Women in American Business Leadership,” explores diversity in the workplace. She took departmental honors for her project, which she’ll present this Thursday, April 27, in the Underwood Lobby.

  • Next semester, Alex Smith ’17, will be starting a master’s in accounting at the College of William and Mary. But first, he used his Senior Capstone Experience to take a hard look at student loan debt.
  • Holly Chisholm in Scotland
    Life is no vacation when you’ve got two theses to work on. So double business and history major Holly Chisholm ’17 decided to write hers about the American vacation.

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