Research Policy

Human Subjects Research

Review Board for Research on Human Subjects

Submission and Review Guidelines

Normally, the review board should convene its first meeting within the first ten (10) working days of the Fall and Spring semesters. To insure that a proposal is reviewed at the first meeting, proposals must be submitted to the Chair by the first day of classes in the respective semester. IRB form A  should be used for submission of new proposals. Instructions on how to fill out Form A can be downloaded here (Word). Sample completed forms can be downloaded here (Word). If the study involves the use of invasive procedures including threat, embarrassment, drugs, shock, or deception,“FORM B” (Word) must also be completed.

One completed copy, including all written materials that will be submitted to the subjects (e.g. questionnaires, consent forms, debriefing forms), should be sent to the review board chair.

Your IRB submission should be delivered to the IRB submission box, which is located at N117 in the office area of Bari Lynn Kersey, our administrative assistant for Dunning.  The IRB box is located above the faculty mailboxes and is clearly marked IRB. 

In accordance with Federal Guidelines for research with human subjects, you must obtain informed consent (Word) from all of your research subjects. If the subject is a minor (age 17 or under), you must obtain written consent from a parent or guardian. Use the Parental/Guardian Consent Form (Word) for this purpose. Stamped return envelopes may be obtained from the Chair of the Committee.

Normally, proposals will be reviewed within five (5) working days of the date they are submitted to the board. Approval of a project requires a favorable vote of at least five of the eight board members.

The primary investigator will receive written notification of the outcome of the review within two (2) working days of the Board’s decision. However, in some cases the Board may determine that more extensive discussion of a proposal is required, that the PI must provide additional information regarding their proposal or that the proposal must be revised and resubmitted for review. For these reasons, investigators are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals at least three (3) weeks prior to the end of classes in the semester that they intend to start the project.

The deadline for submission by students of projects for review will be four full weeks before the date of the end of classes in the semester in which the research is to be carried out/completed.

Projects that are to be conducted during a period when classes are not normally in session (i.e., during the summer or over the winter break) must be submitted for review during the semester preceding the proposed starting date of the project.

Review of proposals submitted within the last week of classes in any semester will normally be deferred until the following semester.


An important duty of the Board is to maintain a record of all active research protocols. Therefore, projects that have been previously approved by the Board must be re-submitted for renewal whenever the research project is repeated. “FORM C: Section I” (Word) should be used for this purpose.

Normally, the Chair will determine if there have been substantive changes that warrant a review by the full membership of the committee. Otherwise, the Chair is authorized to renew a previously approved proposal. The Chair will notify the full membership of the Board whenever a renewal is authorized in this manner.

In instances of longitudinal research, the PI must submit a brief paragraph (“FORM C: Section II”) that summarizes in lay terms the findings of the study and the justifications for renewal.


Professor George Spilich