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Research Policy

Animal Subjects Research

Submission and Review Guidelines

Normally, the IACUC meets once each semester to review protocol proposals for research projects that utilize vertebrate animals as subjects. To insure that a proposal is reviewed at the committee’s meeting, proposals must be submitted within the first three weeks of the semester in which the project is intended to commence. The official “FORM” must be used for submission of new proposals or addenda to an approved protocol. Digital/electronic copies (MSWord or PDF formats) of the completed forms and any appendices should be submitted via e-mail to the Chair of the IACUC.

Protocols submitted for review after the committee meeting will be circulated to committee members for review within two weeks of submission. However, if the members of the committee deem it is necessary they may defer their final decision until the next scheduled meeting of the full committee.

The primary investigator will receive written notification of the outcome of the review within two (2) working days of the Board’s decision. - However, in some cases the Board may determine that more extensive discussion of a proposal is required, that the PI must provide additional information regarding their proposal or that the proposal must be revised and resubmitted for review. For these reasons, investigators are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals at least three (3) weeks prior to the end of classes in the semester that they intend to start the project.

The deadline for submission by students of projects for review will be four full weeks before the date of the end of classes in the semester in which the research is to be carried out/completed.

Projects that are to be conducted during a period when classes are not normally in session (i.e., during the summer or over the winter break) must be submitted for review during the semester preceding the proposed starting date of the project.

Review of proposals submitted within the last week of classes in any semester will normally be deferred until the following semester.

Before beginning work with laboratory animals, please fill out the Laboratory Animal Allergy Initial Questionnaire form and return to the Director of Health Serivces (


An important duty of the Board is to maintain a record of all active research protocols. Therefore, projects that have been previously approved by the Board must be re-submitted for renewal whenever the research project is repeated. The investigator should re-submit the proposal using the official “FORM” along with a cover letter summarizing the justification for replication.

Normally, the Chair will determine if there have been substantive changes that warrant a review by the full membership of the committee. Otherwise, the Chair is authorized to renew a previously approved proposal. The Chair will notify the full membership of the Board whenever a renewal is authorized in this manner.

Animal Welfare Concerns

Whistleblower Policies and Contacts. Washington College regards the use of animals in research, teaching, and testing to be an integral component of continued progress in health, science and education. The College expects all of its animal facilities and programs to maintain the highest standards of animal care and use, and to be operated in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Concerns regarding violations of these laws, regulations and guidleines should be reported to the contacts listed in the document below.