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The humanities represent the heart of the liberal arts experience, giving you opportunities to explore vital questions about the human experience, to consider moral and spiritual values through art and literature, and to develop avenues for creative expression. 

Writing Well

The most important skill you can take from college, even more important than the specialized knowledge in your major, is the ability to write clearly, succinctly and persuasively.

To write well, you must first learn to think well — to gather information, to reflect, to ponder and to puzzle over an idea or a problem. Study within the humanities division will help you develop the habits of critical thinking so essential to post-graduate success in any field.

Ready for Anything

Many students might ask, “What can I do with an English major?” The answer is limited only by your imagination and your passion. You might be a Renaissance scholar, a journalist, a lawyer, or an entrepreneur. Recent studies suggest that the most effective CEOs in America—those who understand different perspectives and who can communicate effectively—have a liberal arts background grounded in the humanities.


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