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Graduate Program

M.A. in History

Our program offers advanced training in American and European history with elective courses available in other social science fields.

Courses are structured with special emphasis on those aspects of the subject likely to be useful to teachers of history and social studies in pre-college level institutions. The major has among its aims: (1) to supplement the student’s basic stock of factual and bibliographical data; (2) to bring the student abreast of the findings of recent scholarly work; (3) to encourage, by example, effective methods of dealing with controversy in historical interpretation; (4) to strengthen the student’s skills in the use of primary materials as sources for reconstruction of the past; and (5) to demonstrate the usefulness of acquiring basic competence in other social science disciplines for broadening the scope and enhancing the sophistication of historical understanding.


Students seeking the M.A. degree in History must take two courses in non-U.S. history prior to 1600 (e.g., Ancient World, Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation), two courses in non-U.S. history after 1600 (e.g., Early Modern Europe, 19th-century Europe, 20th-century Germany, Russia and the Soviet Union), three courses in U.S. history, and at least three electives. The three electives may be in history, political science, sociology, anthropology, or economics.